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Is there sugar in Fresca?

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There are approximately 113 teaspoons in fresca

It does have suger i n it!!!!!!

Marty Fresca goes by Frisky Fresca.

No, Fresca does not have any calories.

There are no perfect rhymes for the word fresca.

Zero. Fresca doesn't have calories.

Marty Fresca is 6' 1".

Tumba fresca means "fresh grave" (as in a cemetery).

Fresca has 0 mg of caffeine.

Marty Fresca was born in ????, in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Fresco or Fresca. fresca if you are saying a GIRL is fresh and fresco if you are saying a BOY is fresh. Fresca when using the world "la" in spanish and Fresco if you are saying "el",.

'Fresca' in Spanish and Italian is 'Fresh.' It's a suitable name for such a light, bubbly beverage!

Antonino Fresca has written: 'L' handicap e i suoi problemi' -- subject(s): People with disabilities, Social conditions

It was written by Carlos Vives.

Fanta Fresca Fuzzy Naval

vodka, fresca, and a splash of orange juice

"Carne fresca". That's it!

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The question is does Fresca have caffeine? And the answer is NO! Right on the box it says that fresca has zero sugurs and caffeine. If you want to know what other stuff is in it here is a list. carbonated water,citric acid,concentrated grapefruit juice,potassium citrate,potassium sorbate,potassium benzoate and edta (to protect taste);aspartame;acesulfame potassium;acacia;naturalflavers;glycerol ester of rosin;brominated vegetable oil; carob bean gum. That is really everything that is in fresca!

salsa fresca sites:

Roque has written: 'Ojo, pintura fresca!'

brisa fresca (BREEssah FRESScah)

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