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You need to check a few things first: - 1) do you have a front fog light switch. If not you are on a non starter till you get one 2) Is there a space in the fuse box for a relay beside the rear fog light relay 3) If 1) and 2) are sorted then put a relay in the spare slot (you can use the rear relay as a temp) and switch the main lights on. Then press the front fog light switch. If you hear a click then you are half way there, if not give up the idea of integrated lights. 4) If you get the click and your model did not have foglights as standard then you will probably find that there is no wiring between the relay and the front air dam. Nice of them really. 5) although the mounts for front fog lights should be there any plugs at the foglight end seems to be a bit of a hit and miss affair. Hope this is of some use. Peteroadie

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Q: Is there wiring on a Dec 2000 Vectra B for front fog lights if so which ones?
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