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No halo reach is going to be the last halo ( at least made by bungie)


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Halo 4 is called Halo 4.

No, Halo Reach is a prequel, therefore, not Halo 4. Halo 4 has been announced to be released on December 2012.

No. Halo Reach is a prologue to Halo. Halo 4 comes out November 6th 2012.

Halo rights are owned by Bungee. Technically Halo 4 is "Halo ODST"

Yes, there is a Halo 4.

There is multiplayer in halo 4

there is no halo 4 because it is a trilogy. halo 3 was the end of the series.

No, Halo Reach occurs much before Halo 4. In the timeline of the actual world, the games go: Halo Wars Halo: Reach Halo Combat Evolved (And Anniversary) Halo 2 Halo 3 Halo 3 ODST (Same time as Halo 3) Halo 4

in seaside theyr 90p and normally theyr 50p

The Halo series (Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo: Reach, Halo 4, and Halo Wars) is only available for the Xbox and Xbox 360.

Halo 4 doesn't exist do you mean halo wars or odst or halo reach?

halo 4 limited edition, comes with a copy of halo 4, a T-shirt and special armor customization.

there is no halo 4 but no reach is completely new

Halo 4 will not be able to play on PC but halo reach will

halo 4, so u should buy it

In the Halo Universe, Halo CE. In reality, Halo 4.

No, the Arbiter is not in Halo 4.

Not yet, but there will be. Well, technically, you could classify Halo: Reach as Halo 4, but as for the actual Halo 4, its currently in development by 343 Industries.

Halo 4 is not out yet and no ps3 will never have any halo games.

yes, he never dies in halo 3 so he will be alive (and there) in halo 4

Halo Recon probably because Bungie said there wouldn't be a Halo 4.

Halo 4 is not going to come out. Bungie is working on the last halo game which is Halo 3 ODST.

There isn't going to be a halo 4, sorry ):

There is no Halo 4 according to Bungie

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