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Is thigh pain a sign of pregnancy?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-19 03:28:03

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I have never heard of it being a sign of pregnancy. But all women are different. It is very unlikely to be a symptom though. But that being said if u have had unprotected sex and you have other signs of being pregnant or think that your thigh pain could be a sign, then take a hpt.

2006-07-19 03:28:03
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Q: Is thigh pain a sign of pregnancy?
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Is throbbing pain a sign of infection?


Could pain in your hip bones be a sign of pregnancy?

Hello. It's unlikely unless your in the second trimester of your pregnancy. You may of sprained your hip or thigh and have referred pain from that area. But if you suspect pregnancy - see your doctor for a blood test. You can also get pain in your hips from a back injury.

Is chest pain a sign of pregnancy?

Chest pain is not a sign of pregnancy but should be checked by a doctor. Breast tenderness (pain) is often one of the first signs of pregnancy.

Is Lower abdominal pain early sign of pregnancy?

Cramping in the lower abdomen can be a sign of pregnancy. But extreme pain may be cysts or perhaps an ectopic pregnancy.

Is lower back pain cramp like a sign of pregnancy?

It can be a sign of pregnancy or a sign of a kidney stone or water infection.

Missed period and shooting pain in right thigh?

A missed period could be due to pregnancy, stress, or diet change. Shooting pain in ones thigh could be due to changes in the body due to pregnancy, strained muscle, or a pinched nerve.

Is cervical pain a sign of early pregnancy?

Vaginal pain is usually a sign of a UTI or yeast infection or even a cyst. But it is possible it could be a sign of pregnancy but Im unsure about this one.

Could lightheadness and pain around your belly button be a sign of pregnancy?

While light-headedness can be a sign of pregnancy in some people, the pain is not. Get it checked out with a doctor.

Can dull pelvic pain be an early pregnancy symptom?

Bad pain should be checked out but cramping can be a sign of pregnancy.

Is a pain in your vagina a sign of pregnancy?

Is having back pains a sign of pregnancy?

You may certainly have back pain becasue you are pregnant but it is not a sign of pregnancy as there are just too many causes of back pain.

Can have sore breasts and abdnomal pain plus back pain be a sign of pregnancy?

If there is a missed period, these are the sure signs of pregnancy

Is a period pain an early sign of pregnancy?

Cramping is yes.

Is this a pregnancy sign if there is pain in left side of abdomen?


Could abdominal pain be a sign of pregnancy a day after intercourse?


What does pain near the nipple mean?

possibly a sign of pregnancy

Is abdominal pain a sign of pregnancy?

not all abdominal pain is a sign of pregnancy it could be signs of some other medical reason if you are unsure you should speak with your doctor especially if you are having severe pain on a regular basis

Is abdomenal pain an early sign of pregnancy?

Yes that is one of the very first signs of pregnancy

Stomach pain a sign of pregnancy?

A missed period and positive pregnancy test are typical signs of pregnancy. Stomach pain can have many causes. If you have abdominal pain and a positive pregnancy test, call your health care provider today.

Is bad stomach cramps and pain in the stomach a COMMON sign of pregnancy?

Bad pain or stomach cramps are not a common sign of pregnancy but can happen. This can be caused by a fallopian cyst or by a tubal pregnancy so it should be evaluated by your medical provider.

Is abdominal pain and stomach pain be signs of pregnancy?

No. It could be sign of infection or even PMS.

What could cause a sharp piercing burning pain in my left thigh?

sharp burning pain in right thigh is this diff from left thigh pain!

Is a dull cramp-like lower back pain a sign of pregnancy?

It's a symptom. A sign would be a positive pregnancy test..

Is lower back pain and shoulder pain a symptom of pregnancy?

If you really think you are pregnant and have pain in the right shoulder you need to go to the doctor. Thats a sign of ectopic pregnancy!

Can lower back pain and pain in your abdominal region only when leaning forward be a sign of pregnancy?

Signs of pregnancy are a missing period and positive pregnancy test. Lower back pain and pain in the abdominal region are not signs of pregnancy. See your healthcare provider for accurate diagnosis.