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Q: Is this a romantic or friendly message to receive on Valentine's Day aqui es el dia de amor y amistad Para mi siempre?
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What should you message your boyfriend on valentines?

Happy Valentines Day! <3

Which part of a friendly letter contains your message?

The part that contains your message is the body.

Should you ask her on a date or send a valentine's message first?

send a valentines message because it is the best first way to get love across.

How can you be Mindless Behaviors girlfriend?

call 323-319-6060 leave a message of how mindless you are they will listen to the message and call you back and you be their Valentines girl of the week

What is a good message to write in an annonymous valentines card?

Yes. Its still annonymous but you add a bit of yourself into it.

What is good message to give to your teachers on valentines day?

A good message to give to your teachers on Valentine's day is something about how you love learning. You could also thank them for teaching you.

What is Present time season?

Christmas if that's not what your talking about ask me on my message board Or it could also be on Valentines Day.

What major themes did romantic poets write about?

The major themes romantic poets wrote about were love, romance, and nature. Romantic poets relied on vivid imagery to develop send its message.

Did Bert dump kelly?

Yes, by text message on valentines day I believe. He's dating a girl from Australia named Allison.

Send a romantic message to your girl friend?

Ya,send it,why r u asking us??

Would a guy like a message in the bottle asking to be one's valentines?

I personally think that would be pretty cool -From a 16 yr old boy

What should I do for my long distance boyfriend for Valentine's Day?

Call him, and give him a kiss through the phone or send him a cute message and a sweet picture that has something to do with Valentines Day.

Is the game Howrse family-friendly?

yes it is because when you send a message, it wont send with cussing or profound language

Why are hybrid cars green?

It's just a color, but maybe because green is more eco friendly and so is the hybrid and they wanted to get the message across that hybrid cars are eco friendly

Anyone want to join a mw3 clan its friendly and just started is so send BenM The Wizard a message on xbox?


How do say 'I still love you' to your ex?

Make her a meat-loaf and while shes eating it play romantic Justin Beiber songs! She will get the message!

What is the best sweet romantic text message you ever received from you boyfriend or girlfriend?

It said, "Hey lovie! Let's go get married! <3"

What are the principles of business letters?

1- determine the purpose of the message 2- plan the message 3- use natural conversational language 4- be compact and clear 5- be courteous,friendly, helpful

What can a guy say to a girl to make her not want him anymore?

Talk about another girl in a romantic sense, or you could just blow her off and eventually she will get the message

What is a good valentine message for your good friend?

1 Happy Valentines Day! Your the best friend a friend could have! 2 Happy V-Day! Your the best friend ever and i hope we can be friends forever!

Could you find this American bicentennial of freedom 1776-1976 del-Rio Texas amistad dam 1.00 coin?

Yes. My grandfather has one. if you would like to get a hold of me, reply to this message and we can re-arrang something. hope your still interested.

What if there is a boy who looks lonely and you want to say hi but you are a girl and are afraid of sending the wrong message?

just say hi because it is the right thing to do and if the wrong message gets sent out then just explain that you were just trying to be friendly.

What is something romantic to text message to a boyfriend?

Say something about his eyes or his hair or about how you feel about him. Say something about your last time together comment on how much you enjoyed seeing him.

What are good gifts for a significant other?

I think one of the most unique and romantic you could give your significant other is a message in a bottle. Oprah even agrees; she voted it as one of the most romantic gift idea. You can select from over 300 messages or create your own personal sentiments to be delivered to that special someone in a branded birch crate. What better way to express your feelings than your heartfelt message sent in a bottle?

What type of jewelry should you give your girlfriend on Valentines Day?

A necklace, and ID bracelet or another tasteful bracelet, an anklet, earrings and of course depending on the message you want to send a ring of various meaning or none at all but you must communicate that.