Is this normative or positve.A decrease in the price of digital cameras will decrease the demand for camera film?

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The answer is positive statement:

A positive statement is a statement about what is and that contains no indication of approval or disapproval. A normative statement expresses a judgment about whether a situation is desirable or undesirable.

A decrease in the price of digital cameras will decrease the demand for camera film?

This statement is simply a statement about what is and cannot be construed to be a judgment and so cannot be a normative statement.
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How are digital cameras better than film cameras?

These days everyone seems to have a digital camera. Is it really better than film? Digital cameras have many benefits over film: . No expensive film to buy and develop. . Preview your pictures instantly; delete at your leisure. . Upload pictures quickly to your computer for viewing. . Manipulat ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a film camera and a digital camera?

Film camera's use the old film canisters and have to be developed(taken to the store). Digital cameras use memory to store theimages, and can be uploaded to your computer/ipod/etc. Digital camera: Points of light are detected andeach point (called a pixel) is assigned a value representing coloran ( Full Answer )

How are digital cameras more efficient than film cameras?

Answer . Digital Cameras are more efficient than film cameras in many ways. With digital cameras, you don't have to get all of you photos printed. You just print the ones you want. Another great feature is you don't have to wait to see your pictures. The screen on the back displays as soon as yo ( Full Answer )

Why are film cameras better than digital cameras?

they arent ***** This is a subjective question, meaning the opposite answer can be just as correct. At best, you can only get an opinion.. My answer is, it depends on the end result and convenience required, each having pro's and con's. Digital is great, but IMHO, the average person has a small ( Full Answer )

Can you use a digital camera to make a film?

most digital cameras support video and often have microphones, however size and quality of the video will often be poor. you would be better buying a specic video camera if you want to shoot more profetionally

What kind of film does a digital camera use?

Digital cameras don't use film, they either use batteries or you recharge the device by plugging it into your computer, power point etc. If you want to develop the photos, you take the camera to the store, like you would with film.

Difference between film and digital camera?

The simplest answer is that a film camera uses light-sensative film and a chemical process to create a photograph while a digital camera uses electronic circuitry to create a computer file of an image.

What can you do with a film camera now that you have a digital one?

Take artistic old-school pics of you and ur camera. . ) Answer I recommend selling it to someone who still uses film. To me digital is "throwaway" photography. I recently bought a digital camera, and I use it for exactly one thing: taking pictures of worn-out trailer tires because if I e-mail a p ( Full Answer )

How will digital camera accessory prices decrease?

There is a huge sale campaign during winter holidays. I suppose every digital camera accessories consumer should hold up for a while - to wait for the moment when discounts start. In addition, remember not to wait for a long period, because there is a very high demand level and there is a big chance ( Full Answer )

Which is better a digital slr camera or a film slr camera?

My opinion is the digital slr camera because you won't have to pay soo much money buying new film, where as the digital camera, you jut have to upload your pictures from the memory card onto your computer, and you can just reuse it again and again!

What is the average price for a digital camera?

The price depends on how well it is made or what features it has. Most cameras, many inexpensive, will have video and sound capability. The price range depending on resolution (Mpixels) $70 - $300. Cameras that are lightweight and super-skinny will generally cost more.

Compare digital camera with film cameras?

Film cameras need the actual literal film while digital cameras need the memory. So basically you can take a lot more pictures with a digital camera compared to one roll of film camera. - - - - - You don't NEED to send digital camera photos to a lab to be processed, unless you want prints and the ( Full Answer )

What are the differences between digital and filmed camera?

A film camera records a photo onto a strip of film, which then needs to be taken to a photo clinic to be processed. The quality is about 25 megapixels. A digital camera records a photo onto a memory card, which can be reviewed on the camera's screen instantly, and you have the option of deleting o ( Full Answer )

Is a film camera better than a digital camera?

Old Friends are the best! 35MM photography has been out since the thirties, has evolved and kept up with- and created some of its own trends- and is well-established as the dominant form of film-based photography. I have a fine 35mm Pentax with a Japanese l35 lens. the lens has half-stops a good com ( Full Answer )

What cameras are good for digital films?

i have the finepix j10 its 8.2 megapixels and it has lots of different digital video taking modes(sports etc..) and it comes in lots of colours :L lol have fun

Difference between digital and film camera?

film must be developed (enlarge small frame on film to larger specialized paper copy) this requires chemistry and generally cannot be done at home (unless you have a dark room). Digital cameras can be viewed with a computer without developing the picture and can be printed on normal paper from mo ( Full Answer )

What causes decrease in prices as demand increases?

If supply increases even greater than demand the price should decrease. . Legislation could reduce price irrespective of other factors. . Competition from new entrants into the market would reduce price. . ...

Why you have changed from old film cameras to digital camera?

Why have I changed? I haven't, I have both still. It depends upon the purpose of the shoot. If it is a quick pic of something I really don't care about the final quality I use digital (kijiji ads, insurance documentation, how the motor I am tearing down for rebuild looked through the process). If ( Full Answer )

Which is better a film camera or a digital camera?

Film and Digital Cameras are very different but share the samebasics, the difference between Digital and Film is that with Filmyou can expect better quality photos then Digital cameras, Filmcameras can be expected to last longer then Digital Cameras, andsince Film Cameras haven't changed since the 1 ( Full Answer )

Why do the prices of digital cameras change?

The prices of digital cameras change because people are becoming more and more "electronically correct", so to speak. They have come up with a lot more ways to make the cameras more efficient, and it costs money to run the tests, and the cameras become more valuable, which overall, causing the price ( Full Answer )

Can you insert a film into digital camera?

No you cannot insert film into a digital camera. its digital, not film, it right in the name if your not sure, film only goes in film cameras like a pentax, promaster, kodak, olympus, and canon. _______________ Of course you can insert film in a digital camera, only thing is it won't actually ( Full Answer )

What is a film less digital camera?

I personally think Canon PowerShot SD1300IS is best because its very easy to use,and has all the features of a better camera for less the pirce,its only like 141$

What will happen to market price if demand decrease?

If the demand decreases, market price would go down. IN DETAIL: Demand is a rightward sloping downwards curve. Supply is a rightwards ascending curve. If you plot a graph of both, where the horizontal axis shows the quantity demanded by the market, and vertical axis shows the market price, the inte ( Full Answer )

What is the advantage of digital cameras over film cameras?

There are a number of advantages to a digital camera. The greatest advantage is probably the delete button. You have the ability to erase any photos that don't turn out. The price is another advantage. Long-term, digital will save a lot of money. Digital cameras also tend to have a lot more function ( Full Answer )

Do film cameras have any benefit over digital cameras?

No. Although film cameras are nice when sending a child to camp or on a feild trip, Digital cameras are not only cheaper to develope but there are more places that you can develope them

Can a film camera can convert to digital camera?

No. You cannot economically convert a film camera to a digitalcamera. The digital system is very different and fitting it to an existingfilm camera is more expensive than buying a new digital camera. Some of the more expensive professional cameras can change betweenfilm and digital backs replacing ( Full Answer )

What are the disadvantages of digital cameras over film cameras?

in my opinion i would say the price of a camera today and things you have to buy to go with it is extortionate compared to a film camera and also a film camera is authentic and gives and traditional look to photo's Hope this answers your question :)

What are the advantages of using a digital camera instead of film a camera?

You can take many more pictures before needing to change the storage medium. You can immediately see the results of your work. You can discard poor images before processing. Your expenses are far less, since there is no need to develop film, print pictures, mail film for processing or wait for it to ( Full Answer )

What is the price range for a digital camera?

The price range of a digital camera can vary depending on the megapixels it has. It can be anywhere from å£50-1000. The smaller more lightweight cameras tend to cost more, and the higher the megapixels, the higher the price.

What is the price range for Leica digital cameras?

The price range of a Leica digital camera ranges between 100-2000 dollars, some are very cheap to buy and very enjoyable and some are expensive and amazing to use for any occasion.

What is the average price of Olympus digital cameras?

The average price for an Olympus digital camera depends if you are a professional or if you only take photos for the fun. For an average person, the price of those cameras is around 200$, but it can easily get up to thousands for professionals.

What are some cheap digital camera prices?

Some cheap digital camera prices are; Fujifilm FinePix at å£54.99 from Argos, Nikon CoolPix at å£47.99 from Amazon, Vivitar ViviCam T027 at å£21 from Curry's. Additionally Ebay sell used camera's starting from just å£19.

What is the price for the Pentax Film Camera?

The price for Pentax Film Camera varies. Some are priced between the range of $249.99 to $499.00, while other cameras are priced between the range of $819.00 to $1346.95.

What is the average price for an SLR digital camera?

The price range of an SLR digital can be as low as three hundred dollars, or as expensive as two thousand dollars or more. The average price appears to be about one thousand dollars.

Why does the lens flip and decrease the size of the picture in a camera?

The lens is convex (curved outward). Light entering the lens fromthe outside is refracted (bent) as it travels through it. Thisbrings the image to a single (focal) point. The distance betweenthe lens and the back of the camera is such that it allows a smallimage of the photographed scene to be visib ( Full Answer )