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No. That would be "I sang to the baby last night."

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2011-01-21 11:23:26
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Q: Is this statement grammatically correct 'I sung to the baby last night'?
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I go to a parlor and ask''i want to pierce my baby's ear''Is this sentence grammatically correct?

This sentence is grammatically correct. However, it would be more correct to say, "I want you to pierce my baby's ear (or ears)."

Is It's a baby grammatically correct?

If you are not aware of the gender, yes, it is acceptable to say, "It's a baby."

Do you say blessed with a baby boy or do you say blessed with a son?

you can say either, both are grammatically correct

How do you write the name Baby Smith grammatically correct. Is the letter B capitalized when used as the name?

Yes. Always capitalize the B in Baby because it's being used as a name.

Is a baby cow born at night or in the morning?

A calf (the correct name for a baby cow) can be born at absolutely any time of the day or night.

Is this sentence correct you had to set in the chair all night to ensure the baby was safe?

No it's like this You have to sit in the chair all night to ensure the baby is safe.

Is it grammatically correct to say i am having fun?

Yes. Fun is a noun. well,having word is used in four different situations. a. having food b. having sex c. pragnant women can say i am having a baby. d. having fun has newly introduced. so that is grammatically correct. regards Emma watson

Is the grammar in this sentence correct you had to set in the chair all night to ensure the baby was safe?

If it's in past tense and an interrogative, "You had to sit on the chair all night to enaure the baby was safe?" But if it is a command, "You have to sit on the chair all night to ensure the baby is safe."

Is it grammatically correct to use 'the' before tea in this sentence-make sure the tea is ready before waking me up.?

Yes. Grammatically it's akin to "Make sure the water isn't too hot before putting your baby into it" or "Make sure the coffee has brewed properly before pouring it" or "Make sure the corn is ripe before harvesting it". All of those sentences, and yours, are correct with "the" in them.

Is this correct missing my baby so badly?

"Missing" is not an action verb therefore should not be described by an adverb ( a word ending in ly). Likewise, "I feel badly" follows the same rule and is also grammatically incorrect.

Lyrics baby baby baby you cry in the night night night?

Band: Medicated Kisses Song: A wolf among lilacs

Is it correct to say How is your baby?

It is correct, but it would be nicer to use the baby's name, as in "How is Johnny today?"

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