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Is tin magnetic?

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There really isn't a "yes" or "no" answer to this question. There are two types of tin: white tin and gray tin. White tin is paramagnetic, while gray tin is diamagnetic. Paramagnetic materials will have its dipoles(a closed circulation of electric current) orient with the magnetic field, when exposed. Diamagnetic materials, on the other had, will orient the opposite field. There's a bit more to it than that...but without knowing your level of knowledge in physics and chemistry, it would be difficult to explain in its entirety. I hope that answered your question at least a little...

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Is tin plate magnetic?

Yes, tin plate is very magnetic. Since the tin plate is magnetic is it very easy to recycle the tin plate.

Is sheet metal magnetic?

Not necessarily; tin is not magnetic, for example.

Is pewter magnetic?

Pewter is not magnetic. It is mostly made of tin which is a non magnetic material.

Are zinc copper and tin magnetic?

They are both not magnetic. The weakly repel in a magnetic field.

Is tin foil magnetic?

No, tin foil is made out of aluminum which can not be magnetized.

Why do tin openers have magnets if tin is non-magnetic?

Because it is a TIN coating on the inside of cans of food {today replaced by teflon/plastic} with the majority of metal comprising of steel.

Magnet test for bronze?

Not sure what the exact question is, but bronze is a copper and tin alloy. Neither copper nor tin is magnetic so bronze is not magnetic.

Which metals are non magnetic?

Non- Magnetic -Lead -Crome -Zinc -Copper -Aluminum -Tin (Sn) Magnetic -Iron -Cobalt -Nickel -Steel -Law.

What are some of the non magnetic metals?

Some non-magnetic metals: aluminium, copper, lead, tin, titanium, zinc, brass, bronze, gold, and silver

Is tin plate ferrous?

The tin is not, but the term tin plate usually refers to steel that's plated with tin. The steel is made from iron, and the term ferrous means having to do with iron. It's no coincidence that the chemical symbol for iron is Fe and that the word for iron in other languages involve the letters f,e,r. Cans for most canned goods are tin plate. The only metals that are magnetic are iron, nickel and cobalt. Nickel and cobalt are magnetic but are not ferrous because they have nothing to do with iron.

Apart from iron nickel and steel which other metals are magnetic and which is the odd one out?

steel,tin ,cobalt ,chromium...

Why can a magnet pick up a tin can?

A 'tin can' is actually made of steel, which is a magnetic alloy of iron. There is sometimes a layer of tin (or zinc), electroplated onto the surface, so the name is misleading. It is more properly a 'tinned' can as it is a steel can which has been 'tinned' to stop it from corroding.

How would you separate iron from tin?

Iron is magnetic, whereas Tin is not. Just put a strong magnet near the mixture, and all Iron will stick to it. There might be other methods as well, but this is the first thing that comes to my mind.

Did rin tin tin discover tin?

~sigh~. No, Rin Tin Tin did NOT discover tin. Rin Tin Tin was a dog.

How can a permenent magnet into a temporary magnet?

A permanent magnet is what it says on the tin really - it will always be magnetic - you cannot turn it on and off, so it cannot be a temporary magnet.

What metals are in non magnetic 1 pence coins?

The non-magnetic pre-1992 'Bronze' Penny and Two Pence coins are made of copper, tin and zinc. British 1 Penny and 2 Pence coins were made from copper-plated steel from 1992 and can all be attracted to a magnet, although the coins themselves are not magnetic.

Why are old 2p coins not magnetic and new ones are?

because old 2p coins are made out of bronze. Bronze is made out of tin and copper, these metals aren't magnetic. However, new 2p coins just look like they are made out of copper, however they only have a coating of copper on them, but the inside is steel, this is called copper plated steel. They are magnetic because steel is magnetic and makes up the majority of the coin.

What is the name of the tin tin dog?

I believe you are thinking of Rin Tin Tin.

What is a good slogan for tin?

Tin! Tin! Its what food comes in!When you need to win, remember tin!"Don't like tin? Can it!""Don't like tin? Snap it!"tin - do you really trust alluminum?

What products are made from tin?

cans, tin foil, tin statues, window glass, tin metal, tin packing

What is the use of tin?

Well there are tin cans and tin whistles and tin pan alley

Is tin tin the man or the dog?

dog= toto tin man= tin man

What nicknames did Rin Tin Tin go by?

Rin Tin Tin went by Rinty.

Is tin a liquid or a solid when it's mined?

Tin is a solid when mined. However the solid is not tin, but a tin ore (one or more tin compounds) and the tin will have to be separated. The most common compounds in tin ores are tin oxides and sulfides.

What can tin be used for?

tin cans, tin cars and tin paper for school plays etc.