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Q: Is tortilla soup from the Mayan culture?
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What is the duration of Tortilla Soup?

The duration of Tortilla Soup is 1.72 hours.

When was Tortilla Soup created?

Tortilla Soup was created on 2001-08-24.

What is the origin of chicken tortilla soup?

wanting to know the history chicken tortilla soup?

What is the soup that has a spicy and cheesy taste?

Tortilla Soup.

Is tortilla soup homogeneous?

No, it is not.

Where can one find a good tortilla soup recipe?

Recipes for tortilla soup can be found pretty easily on the web. Sites like All Recipes, Food Network, The Pioneer Woman, and Simply Recipes all have versions of this soup.

Where could one find a recipe for chicken tortilla soup?

There are recipes available for Chicken Tortilla Soup on the Campbell's website as well as Kraft's website, The Pioneer Woman, and The Simply Recipes.

What website has a tortilla soup recipe?

One can find tortilla soup recipes in a number of different locations. There are many healthy recipes in the magazine Healthy Eating Today that are easy to make.

Which is the easiest tortilla soup recipe ?

I would say that the best place to find recipes for tortilla soup would be a Mexican or Tex-Mex cookbook.These could be found at your local bookstore or library.

Major crops grown in Spain?

paella,soup and tortilla

What are the nutrition facts about Cafe Rio Tortilla Soup?

about 340

How colonization affected Mayan culture?

Colonization affected mayan culture in a neggative way.

Where can one find a recipe for tortilla soup?

There are a number of sites that offer a variety of recipes for tortilla soup. Some of these tasty recipes can be found on sites such as All Recipes, The Food Network and Simply Recipes.

Where is torilla soup from?

First, its tortilla, and second. It comes from Mexico regions. :)

How did the Mayan Culture fall?

no one really knows what happened to the Mayan culture! it kind of just disappeared!

When the Mayan fell Mayan culture disappeared?

AD 822

Where can I find the recipe for tortilla soup on line ?

There are many different website that offer great tortilla soup recipes. and are two that i find with the best recipes. The ingredients are also "normal easy to find" in your local supermarket.

Do you know of an eary tortilla soup recipe for vegetarians?

the easiest can be found at the AllReceipe's website. they have a six can tortilla soup recipe, that yes, only requires chicken broth, green chilis, black beans and tomatoes. very easy, takes about 10 to 15 minutes and you add the tortilla chips, and maybe salt to taste.

Who starred in the film Tortilla Soup?

The actors from Tortilla Soup are Jacqueline Obradors, Tamara Mello, Judy Herrera, Nikolai Kinski, Elizabeth Pe̱a, Constance Marie, Troy Ruptash, Ken Marino, Hector Elizondo, Marisabel GarcÌ_a.

Why did the Mayan culture disappear?

The Mayan culture disappeared because of drought, disease, over-hunting, warfare, and because of the Spanish conquistadors.

What is the origin of tortilla soup?

I am not a food historian, but I have been studying the food and culture of the Texas and the American Southwest and Mexican north. I ask everyone to remember that culture and food have moved freely around this for generations. I believe that "Tortilla Soup" is a fairly recent incarnation. We have a tradition of topping soups. Some spicy soups are topped with diced raw onion, diced jalepeno, cilantro and lemon juice. Beef and vegtable soup is topped with spanish rice and fresh chili sauce. Homemade Mexican style chicken soup is top with fried tortilla strips, avocado chunks, lime juice and chili salsa. I believe it was this last combination that was made both at home or enjoyed at local restaurants I believe some enterprising restaurant marketed the chicken soup renaming it "Tortilla Soup" for the fried corn tortilla strips used. The recipe went viral And now tortilla has changed from what was a fresh chicken soup topped with condiment to this special dish using roasted chicken and jars of salsa to make. The use of items like "roasted supermarket chicken" and "a jar your favorite salsa" lead me to believe that most of these recipes are fairly new because as I recall supermarket roasted chicken and jar salsa where not all that available in most locations 30 years ago. Although I cant be everywhere, what I have noticed is that I guess I started see "Tortilla Soup on the menu's of Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants about in the late 1970's early 1980's in my area of Southcentral Texas. If you would like to get to know the typical cooking of the Southcentral Texas area, come see me at http:/ thanks

How old is the Mayan culture?


Which culture wrote in bark paper books?


What was the Mayans culture like?

The Mayan culture was very religious and towns were over populated. The mayan culure develped around 200 and 300 bc

Did Mayan culture disappear before the time of Cortes?

the Mayan people and culture still exist! go to yucatan peninsula of Mexico and Guatemala for example.