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Is trish having Jeff hardys baby?



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No they are not having a baby together. Jeff Hardy is currently suspended for miss using drugs and will be for up to 60 days. Sorry!!!

July 31, 2008

Since Trish is married the answer is no. Also Trish and Jeff NEVER NEVER dated!!

Ummm Actually they did. It was a big thing just like his brother Matt hardy was dating lita. u didn't see the kiss. on WWE????

Aug 1,2 008

Sorry but anything Jeff and Trish did was for storyline only!!!!! Matt and Lita were really dating outside the WWE. Jeff and Trish were not has Jeff has a long time girlfriend by the name of Beth that he has been with for 10 years, and Trish had a long time boyfriend of 14 years named Ron who she is now married to.