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No it is not legal at all. Let me clarify two points here.

1) Primarily streaming content that is copyrighted on any platform is illegal. YouTube has a strict "pull down video if its even remotely illegal" policy. That's a major reason why they are still in business.

2) Tubeplus streams illegal content and they do so in an illegally smart way :-) Unlike Youtube, Tubeplus doesn't really store the content on its servers. The videos are stored in several other, also illegal, sites/servers. They mine it via the P2P way, but display it in a streaming format. So you get a feeling that you are streaming it, so its legal (which again is a false deduction), however the stream is irrigated via P2P way, which makes it all the more illegal.

Hope you got the answer, if you are still at large, Google for MEGAVIDEO

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โˆ™ 2012-04-03 17:52:25
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Q: Is tube plus legal
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