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Is tuna OK to eat while you are pregnant?

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Not Albacore! You can have the chunk light tuna in a can. Any special tuna steaks (like yellowtail or bigeye) you should consult your doctor.

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Is haggis ok to eat while pregnant?

It's OK to eat the same while pregnant.

Is tuna good for you when your sick?

It is ok to eat tuna when you sick. The only time you shouldn't is if it makes you nauseate or you are pregnant. Best regards, Austin

Is it ok for a cat to eat tuna?


Is it ok to eat bratwurst while pregnant?

Yes, as long as they are fully cooked.

Fruits to be taken during pregnancy?

Any fruits would be ok to Eat while pregnant...

Is it ok to eat seeds while pregnant?

What kind of seeds are you talking about? Pumpkin, sunflower? YES, they are perfectly safe to eat.

Is it ok to drink non alcoholic wine while pregnant?

Yes. It is OK to drink nonalcoholic wine while pregnant.

Can you eat crab sticks during pregnancy?

I think it is not OK to eat it because you cannot eat crustaceans while you are pregnant because it will affect your child's stomach.

Is it ok to eat yogurts when pregnant?

Yes you can.

Is it ok to eat hot foods while pregnant?

Yes of course it is. Ask your doctor to give you a list of the food you are not allowed to eat, but apart form that you can eat as normal.

Is it ok to drink soda while you pregnant?

Yes. It is safe to drink soda while you are pregnant.

Is conch ok to eat while pregnant?

Yes you can. Everything in moderation though. You wouldn't want to be eating it twice a week...just once in a while to satisfy that craving. Make sure that it is properly cooked. Never eat ceviche when pregnant.

Is it ok to have a bath while pregnant?


Is it ok for pregnant women to eat homemade ice cream?

Yes it is ok.

Is it OK if you bathe while you are pregnant?

Yes it is okay.

Is panadol actifast ok to take while pregnant?

Since there are no known harmful affects in pregnancy it would appear that yes, Panadol Actifast is OK to take while pregnant.

Is Eating late at night while pregnant ok?

sure you can eat throughout the day just make sure its nothing that will upset your stomach

Is sweet potato OK to eat when pregnant?

Yes. It is okay to eat during pregnancy.

Is mcchicken sandwich mayonnaise safe to eat in pregnancy?


Is Valium ok to take while pregnant?

It is not OK to take diazepam, when you are pregnant. This drug is known to cause neural tube defect in fetus.

Is it ok to jump off diving board while pregnant?


Is it ok to work out while pregnant?

Yes, it's encouraged.

Is watermelon ok to eat while on coumadin?

Is watermelon ok to if on Coumadin

Can you have anal while pregnant?

yes you can have sexual intercourse while pregnant so anal sex would be ok just becarefull

Is it ok to eat rabbit when your pregnant?

yes eat anything you want your baby needs it all!!!!!!