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Is university of phoenix a real university?

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I Phoenix University a real college?

Phoenix University is an accredited online institution. They are a legitimate school and have an average success and graduation rate.

Is University of Phoenix a real school?

Yes it is. ( )

Does Phoenix University offer online real estate license courses?

Yes University of Phoenix does in fact offer some real estate course online. They would not be my first choice though.

Is the University of Phoenix a private or public university?

University of Phoenix is a private college.

What are the requirements to get a bachelors degree in Education from the University of Phoenix?

Check if you apply for the real college. Because Their are many scams for university of phoenix. You can see their site for more information related to the course.

When was University of Phoenix created?

University of Phoenix was created in 1976.

Is the University of Phoenix and Phoenix college the same school?

No they are not. As indicated by name the University of Phoenix is a university. Phoenix College is a community college (two year institution).

Is Phoenix State University in Arizona?

There is no 'Phoenix State University' in Arizona. There are the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, University of Phoenix, and Northern Arizona University, among a few others.

What is the motto of University of Phoenix?

The motto of University of Phoenix is 'Thinking Ahead'.

Where was the university of Phoenix found?


What is university of Phoenix nickname?


Why does university of Phoenix have a bad reputation?

People don't consider online college a real degree.

What are the school colors for the university of Phoenix in phoenix Arizona?

The school colors for the University of Phoenix are maroon and gold.

Is south University of Phoenix the same as University of phoenix?

I have never heard of South University of Phoenix, and it appears that the College Board hasn't either.

Does the university of Phoenix have an archaeology department?

no, university of phoenix does not have a current archaeology department.

When was University of Phoenix Stadium created?

University of Phoenix Stadium was created in 2006.

What is the world ranking of University of Phoenix?

The world ranking of the University of Phoenix in 20014 was position 36. The University of Phoenix is a proprietary institution that has an urban setting.

What is the location of University of Phoenix?

Phoenix, Arizona.

What is the logo of university of Phoenix?

A fire phoenix

Is Riordan Manufacturing a real company?

No. This is a simulated company used at the University of Phoenix for projects and education purposes.

What is the University of Phoenix seal?

The seal for the University of Phoenix is a rising phoenix. Its right wing is pointed upward and the name of the university is printed above and below the bird.

What is th stock symbol for the University Of Phoenix?

The stock symbol for University of Phoenix is UOPX.

What is the university of Phoenix mascot?

The mascot of the University of Phoenix is a phoenix a bird that lives for a long time then when that one becomes ashes a new phoenix rises from the ashes.

Is the Phoenix bird real?

No, the phoenix is a mythical bird.

Where can I find the requirements to get into the University of Phoenix?

You can find the requirements needed to attend University of Phoenix by visiting the Admissions link of the University of Phoenix website. The link is at the top of the website.