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Though both enriched uranium and plutonium can be used, the most common in enriched Uranium-235. The waste that comes from the reaction is a mix of elements (uranium, plutonium, etc)

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Q: Is uranium or plutonium used as fuel in a nuclear reactor?
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What fuel other then uranium can be used in a nuclear reactor?

Plutonium and, if a breeder, thorium.

What kind of reactor produces plutonium 239?

Plutonium 239 is obtained in all reactors using uranium as nuclear fuel.

Name two possible fuel sources for a nuclear reactor?

Uranium (enriched in U-235), plutonium

What is used for nuclear feuls?

Uranium or Plutonium For reactor fuel any Transuranic element works fine.

What fuel other that uranium can be used in a nuclear reactor?

Plutonium, but it's mostly used for weaponry and the reactor should probably be modified I think.

What fuel is used at nuclear power plants?

Typically, uranium or plutonium. Some reactor designs can use thorium, but they need uranium or plutonium to burn to start off the reaction with.

Fuel rods in a nuclear reactor are made from isotopes of what element?

We usually find that uranium is used as fuel in nuclear reactors (though some use plutonium).

Which is the best fuel for nuclear bomb plutonium or uranium?


What is uranium used for in a nuclear reactor?


Is used for fuel nuclear reactors?

Uranium and/or Plutonium fuel

Is plutonium reusable?

Directly, no. Once fissioned the plutonium is gone (it has transformed to other lighter elements). However indirectly using a breeder reactor, yes. A plutonium fueled breeder reactor with a uranium breeding blanket will produce more plutonium (from uranium-238) than it consumes. This breeder reactor can at the same time be generating electricity like any other power reactor.

What are two examples of a nuclear fuel?

Uranium and plutonium

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