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Urban planning would fall under social science.

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It would be social science.

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Q: Is urban planning a social science or a science discipline?
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Are urban studies and urban planning social science or science disciplines?


Are urban studies and urban planning social science disciplines?


Is urban studies a social science discipline?

To some extent yes, its a part of social science discipline. It is basically the study of cities and therefore it includes the lifestyle, the conditions and all the factors that impacts the city situations which actually makes it the part of social science discipline. Some universities treats this as a branch of social sciences while some have different groups for urban studies.

How is social science ralated to urban planning?

Social science is related to urban planning as it provides tools and insights to understand human behavior, societal patterns, and cultural dynamics within urban environments. It helps urban planners to analyze and address social and economic issues, conduct community surveys and research, and involve citizens in the planning process. Social science helps planners make informed decisions that take into account the needs and aspirations of diverse communities in urban areas.

Is urban studies a social science or a science discipline?

Urban Studies focuses on the way people live in cities and surrounding suburbs. It includes the various ways they interact socially as well as where they live and work, etc. so it is a social science. Its methods include using statistics based on counting and measuring so it is also a scientific discipline.

What has the author Armando Seppilli written?

Marichela Sepe has written: 'Planning the city' -- subject(s): Cultural landscapes, Social aspects, Human factors, Architecture, City planning, ARCHITECTURE / Urban & Land Use Planning, SOCIAL SCIENCE / Human Geography, SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology / Urban

What has the author Alan Ehrenhalt written?

Alan Ehrenhalt has written: 'The Lost City' -- subject(s): City and town life, History, Social conditions, Social life and customs 'The great inversion and the future of the American city' -- subject(s): POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Affairs & Administration, Case studies, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / City Planning & Urban Development, Gentrification, Urban Sociology, Cities and towns, SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology / Urban

When was Urban Discipline created?

Urban Discipline was created on 1992-11-10.

What has the author Andrea Colantonio written?

Andrea Colantonio has written: 'Urban tourism and development in the socialist state' -- subject(s): City planning, Economic conditions, Tourism 'Urban regeneration & social sustainability' -- subject(s): Urban renewal, Sustainable urban development, City planning

Which was not a reason for urban planning?

There were many reasons for urban planning. One would not have been engaging in urban planning to farm or get away from people.

What has the author Carl Shear Werthman written?

Carl Shear Werthman has written: 'The social meaning of the physical environment' -- subject(s): Case studies, City planning, Housing, Social psychology, Social status, Sociology, Urban, Urban Sociology

What is modern urban planning?

The purpose of urban planning is to ensure that a city or town is built to be comfortable and convenient for those who will live there. It is vital in order to make sure that an area is able to meet the needs of the residents.