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spot is the subject while vacation is the adjective.

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Q: Is vacation spot a compound subject?
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What type of compound does the sentence Gina and Sydney only have three days left of their vacation?

Compound Subject

Where is a vacation spot that begins with the letter d?

Daytona Beach, Florida is a vacation spot. Dollywood in Tennessee is a vacation spot.

What is Miley's favorite vacation spot?

Cabo is Miley Cyrus' favorite vacation spot.

Are there discount vacation packages out there?

Of course there are! If you search for the vacation spot online and simply type 'vacation package' after the entered vacation spot, there will be whole lists of site where you can get vacation discounts!

What is Selena Gomez's favorite vacation spot?

Selena's favorite vacation spot is in Texas but we all are not sure if she has another favorite spot:)

A Vacation spot starting with m?

A vacation spot starting with M is Miami Beach or Monaco, depending on your budget.

Where is a vacation spot that starts with A?


What is a vacation spot?

united kingdom

A vacation spot that starts with the letter V?

Venice, Italy is a popular vacation spot. Vancouver, Canada and Vienna, Austria also are popular vacation spots.

What is Barack Obama's favorite vacation spot?

his favorite vacation spot is proally his home town Honolulu Hawaii were he was born

What are cool sounding compound words with the words spot in it?

Compound words containing "spot":nightspotspotlight

What is the best vacation spot in January?


Vacation spot that starts with R?


Why was Hawaii annexated?

for a good vacation spot

What is the best vacation spot in the world?


Where is a vacation spot in Delaware?

Rehoboth Beach!

What about you have a vacation?

yes. I like spending vacation a lot my favorite vacation spot is Orange beach , Alabama its awesome spot to spend vacation with lots of fun and enjoyment do. luxury Orange beach resorts to stay.

A vacation spot beginning with the letter U?

United States Capitol building in Washington, D.C. is a vacation spot. It begins with the letter U.

What is Taylor swifts favorite vacation spot?

Disney World is her favorite vacation spot. When she was little she loved going over to her grandma's farm.

Where is the vacation spot?

Close your eyes and think of it- And soon you will be there.

Where is Sylvester Stallone's favorite vacation spot?

The rockies

Where is the warmest vacation spot in the US in March?


What vacation Spot that starts with Letter D?


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What vacation spot begins with the letter j?