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Is vaisaikhi an Indian holiday?

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not exactly, it is more of a regional holiday. It is popular in Punjab.

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Is Indian Ocean Holidays an actual holiday or a place to stay?

"An ""Indian Ocean Holiday"" is the western European way of wording an ""Indian Ocean Vacation."" It is not an actual holiday, nor is it a place to stay."

Sikhism major festival?

There are a couple, Vaisaikhi/Baisakhi, Diwali/Divali/Band Chorrh Diwas and Holi.

Working holiday visa for Indian?

Indians are not eligible for any country working Holiday Visas.

Who created the Indian holiday Diwali?

Holiday is declared by he government. it has been done to celebrate the occasion.

What holiday is on September 28th?

American Indian Day

Holiday list for south Indian bank?


What American Indian helped bring about the Thanksgiving Holiday?


Indian holiday list calendar of 1984?

date of navratri in April

What Indian holiday starts with the letter d?

Dolyatara is a celebration in India.

What are the traditions of the The Indian Festival Of Lights and how do people in India celebrate this holiday?


Where can one find an affordable Indian Ocean holiday package?

You can go on the Virgin Holidays website to find good deals and maybe even last minute booking. For an affordable Indian Ocean holiday package, buy out of season.

Is Christmas a national holiday in India?

Yes it is because Indian respect other religions.

What do yu celebrate in winter?

As Long as I know Christmas and an Indian Holiday called Diwali!

Are sweets eaten at the Indian festival Holli?

never heard of holli, sounds like holiday

Can anyone celebrate Diwali?

I am not sure if there are rules to who or who can not celebrate this beautiful Holiday. I do know that I am not Indian, however dance in an Indian group and tend to celebrate many holidays. Everyone welcomes me with open arms. In my opinion, if you respect the holiday, I believe anyone can celebrate it for the right reason.

Where is it safe for a woman to go on holiday alone abroad?

Kerala, India or Maldives, off India in the Indian Ocean.

What holiday is celebrated on August fourteenth?

On August 14, 1947 the state of Pakistan gained Independence from the British Indian Empire

What is devali?

Dewali is a festival of lights and is a gazetted holiday in India. It is celebrated on different dates in Indian accordimg to the different calendars.

Where can I find an Indian holiday list calendar of 1984?

Chodu pane ki site kardo ise...

What is the name of the song in Malcolm X where he is seated with Sophia and West Indian Archie comes to kill Malcolm?


Is it holiday for postal services on second Saturday in India?

I am sure you have found out the answer by now but for anyone else...Indian Post offices are open on Saturdays

What are some nouns to describe a holiday?

Nouns are not describing words; adjectives describe nouns. The word holiday is a noun. Some adjectives to describe a holiday are:a favorite holidayan upcoming holidaya summer holidaya religious holidaySome nouns using the adjective holiday are:holiday feastholiday attireholiday decorationsholiday retreat

What songs have the word holiday in the title?

Holiday, Bee GeesHoliday in Cambodia, The Dead KennedysHoliday, ScorpionDreadlock Holiday, 10CCHoliday, MadonnaBetter on holiday, Franz FerdinandHoliday in Spain, Counting CrowsHoliday, Green DayHoliday, Hilary DuffHooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-Holiday, Boney M.Holiday, WeezerHoliday, The Subways

Where might one visit during an Indian Ocean holiday?

A holiday in the Indian Ocean offers the opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful places on earth. These include the Maldives, a group of islands which are home to some of the most magnificent beaches, Sri Lanka, where you can see elephants bathing and learn about the country's unique history, or enjoy the remote villages which perch on the hillsides in Goa. Holiday makers can explore Mauritius, Madagascar, Cormoros and the Seychelles and enjoy diving, sunbathing and adventure.

What is a summer holiday?

a summer holiday is a holiday in the summer