Is vaness going to you in hsm3?

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Yes. vanessa anne Hudgens IS going in HSM3 but is only getting paid $2million because of the picture episode.
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Does Zac Efron want to do HSM3?

He was a little reluctant, but when he found out that the scriptwould see the cast graduate (and therefore end the series), thatthe movie would be released in theaters and not just on DisneyChannel cable, and that he would be paid $3 million, he signed up.

Is Vanessa going to be in hsm3?

Vanessa Ann Hughens WILL be in Hsm3--in fact they are filming it right now. Vanessa has apologized to Disney channel for the pictures she took of herself, not dressed. Her contract with Disney was NOT taken away. EXACTLY. At first i thought that Vanessa was gonna be replaced by Adrienne Bailon of th ( Full Answer )

What is hsm3 all about?

They start the last year of high school. Finally its time for prom. Soon they have toseperate getting used to living wihout each other. that's right but Gabriella can't make it to the prom after she visits the college she is going to troy drives to her college which is thousands of mile ( Full Answer )

What happen between vanesse and zac?

Their busy schedules and the distance between them caused theirbreakup. In addition, the excessive female attention Zac receivedmade Vanessa upset.

What is HSM3 about?

hsm3 is about the wildcats and how they plan to make a last musical that will be spectacular.

Is vanesa hudgens going to be in hsm3?

Answer . The whole world will find out when they start working on the movie.. (On my opinion though, she'll most likely be in HSM3 if they make HSM3.)

Is Ashley going to die in HSM3?

nope shes not going to die ...but she will be the same mean sharpay its the normal her same as Hsm1 and 2

Why is Vanessa Hudgens in HSM3?

BECAUSE SHE IS. she auditioned. and she was in hsm 1 and 2 so she must be in 3 and she apologized! so Disney forgave her

What songs are there in HSM3?

Here are some that I remember from seeing it today.I will keep adding them on as I remember them so you might want to watch this Q.Here we go.. 1.The boys are back. 2.I want it all. 3.Now or never. 4.Can/may I have this dance. I will have to strain my brain to remember the others.Personally I t ( Full Answer )

What is vaness anne hudgens?

Vanessa Hudgens is an actress and a singer. She is best known forher role in the popular High School Musical movies.

How can you try out for HSM3?

no i am so sorry it s only for actors and they have already got the parts out soz. no i am so sorry it s only for actors and they have already got the parts out soz

Why can't Zac act in hsm3?

because he is to sexy to be in a s h i t film like that answered by mrs efron!

What will happen in HSM3?

Alls I can tell you is that Troy and Gabriella arn't finding time together so is this the end of there relationship well I can't tell you anymore than that

Is it true vanessa is going to die in hsm3?

No one know's, in UK or nor USA since HSM 3 is not out yet, it is mostly known that they graduate and walk different ways as Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Anne Hudgens) move's away, since it is mentioned in HSM 2

How many songs are there in hsm3?

High School Musical 3: Senior Year is an American teen musical filmand the final installment in the High School Musical series. Thereare 14 musical numbers in the movie.

Yes they have made hsm3?

Yep they have made it it is made to be the most romantic High school musical 3 made

Where can you watch hsm3?

You can watch it at Theaters. They said it is going to be very good! So They decided to use there money for High School Musical 2 for putting the High School Musical 3 in theaters! Hpe this helped!

When is hsm3 going to be in cinemas?

I can gladly say that High School Musical 3 is released in cinemas on the 22nd October 2008. It was originally meant to come out on the 24th but at last minute it was changed to an earlier date.

What are the songs that are going to be in Hsm3?

Solos: -"Walk Away", sang by Gabriella Montez -"Last Chance", sang by Troy Bolton -"Scream", sang by Troy Bolton and the Rockettes -"Dance in The Rhythm If You Wanna Be", Sang by Unknown -"Hollywood In School", sang by Unknown -"Mixin' My Turn" sang by Troy Bolton Troy/Gabriella Duet ( Full Answer )

Who is the badguy in HSM3?

Tiara Gold mostly. Of course Sharpany does stuff, but Tiara is meaner that she looks.

Is hsm3 coming to DVD?

hey its not coming out on dvd, its in the cineama first coz its the last one an all that. .

When is hsm3 releasing in India?

HSM 3 is releasing on the 19th of December 2008 in India!!!!!!!!!!! How many of us out there are looking forward to it out there?!!! Aishwarya

When is hsm3 on Disney channel?

Well right now the movie is still giving in theatres and after it's done then i believe they will make the movie on DVD so you can buy it then after that it will air on Disney Channel so that's kind of long:-(

Is troy Bolton going to die in hsm3?

Why would he die in such a childish movie?????????? I mean seriously.....who would ask a question liek this...its...its just stupid..xP

What are the songs from hsm3?

The songs from HSM3 are:. -Now Or Never. -Right Here Right Now. -I Want It All. -Can I Have This Dance. -A Night To Remember. -Just Wanna Be With You. -The Boys Are Back. -Walk Away. -Scream. -Last Chance. -We're All In This Together (Graduation Mix). -High School Musical

Can you have this dance lyrics - hsm3?

Can I have this dance - High School Musical 3. [Gabriella] Take my hand, take a breath Pull me close and take one step Keep your eyes locked on mine, And let the music be your guide. [Troy, Gabriella] Won't you promise me (now won't you promise me, that you'll never forget) We'll kee ( Full Answer )

What are the lyrics for I Want it All by HSM3?

Sharpay: Imagine having everything we ever dreamed. Don't you want it? Ryan: Maybe. Sharpay: Can't you see it? Ryan: Kind of. Sharpay: Imagine first audtition after college I get the lead! Ryan: A part for me? Well of course! (yeah right) You gotta believe it! (keep talkin') Sharpa ( Full Answer )

You want it all lyrics - hsm3?

I want it all - By Hollyofthemolly Imagine having everything we ever dreamed Don't you want it? Maybe Can't you see it? Kinda Imagine first audition after college I get the lead! A part for me? Well of course Yeah right! You gotta believe it Keep talking You and I all the ( Full Answer )

Who plays Sharpay's assistant in HSM3?

\n. \n. \nJemma McKenzie-Brown\nis her name that took me forever to find \n| |\nV links V\n\n. \n

How much is the hsm3 DVD?

It all depends where you get it from but the website amazon is selling it for. £7.98

Is hsm3 a good or bad movie?

High School Musical 3 is a very good movie, if you think it's bad you are out of line.

Is HSM3 a good date movie?

I think that if your date is into having fun and not being all flirty and romantic, then go ahead and see HSM3 on a date. .

Did the hsm3 DVD come out yet?

No the DVD comes out on February 17 2009 In Australia HSM3 Was Realeased on DVD on the 27 of february 2009.

Who is prettier Ashley Tisdale or vaness?

i think that vanessa hudgens si the prettier one out of her and Ashley vanessa just has a natural beauty i mean when i llok at her she jsut take smy breath away she is so beautiful i just love her. And when i see her on screen and she smiles i just think WOW . can you make your sentences clearer

What is the best song of hsm3?

90% of Aus love The boys are back song, 85% love High School Musical the song, 65% have a draw with Scream and Walk away, 50% love Can I have this dance, 52% love Now or Never, 30% have a draw with Right here right now and I want it all, and 20% love It's a night to remember and if I've missed any s ( Full Answer )

What are the lyrics of The Boys are Back in HSM3?

Both: Take It Back To The Place Where You Know That It All Began. Chad: We Can Be Anything We Wanna Be! Both: You Can Tell By The Noise That The Boys Are Back Again! Chad: Together Makin' History! Backing:Its Time To Show How. Troy: To Be A Superhero. Backing: Just Like A Showdown, Cha ( Full Answer )

Is hsm3 the last?

Yes this is the last one because they graduating from high school and moving on to new places so yeah its the last one.

Who was jerome vaness?

he was a man who lived on a farm and had 5 daughters and he was a man who put others first. he died from heart attack and his granson died 2-3 months before him. they are both snowboarding in heaven.

Is Sean berdy dating vanesse marano?

I think he is because I know he an actor but the way he looks at Venessa Marano on Switched At Birth. He must really like her in real life from the way he LOOKS at her. It's not a fact it's my opinion.

Where can one listen to HSM3 songs?

The places to listen to High School Musical 3 songs are many. A good place to start would be You Tube, as you can also view the accompanying video along with the song.