Is vineger and acid or a base?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: Is vineger and acid or a base?
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Is vineger a base or acid?

Vinegar contains acetic acid, so it is an acidic solution.

Is vineger a acid or alkaline or neutral?


What type of acid is in vineger?

Vinegar, or ethanoic acid is a carboxylic acid.

What is the chemical name of vineger?

Acetic acid

What is the acid level in vineger?

pH 2

What type of acid is vineger?

it is 5% acetic acid (ethanoic by IUPAC). this is a weak acid

Does putting a pill in vineger replicate stomach acid?


Does the vineger studies meet the commercial law spcification of minimum of 4 g of active acid 100 ml of vineger?

You will find if the vinegar studied meets the commercial law specification of a minimum of 4 g of active acid per 100 ml of vinegar by performing a titration. The amount of base used before the substance becomes neutral will indicate the amount of acid contained.

Vineger contains acetic acid CH3COOH Is acetic acid organic or inorganic How do you know?

Acetics acid is organic. It has a COOH group.

Does vineger kill plants?

vinegar will kill your plant because it has alot of acid it.

What kind of acid contained in synthetic vineger?

Same as in natural one, acetic acid with a chemical formula CH3COOH. :).

What is the difference between vineger acid and tea acid?

The named 'tea' acid is unknown, couldn't find it in my 'biochemical knowledge base' Best guess is tannic acid (major part of tea aroma/taste compounds). In tea there is hardly any acetic acid found, but sure this is a very different acid!