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Both have their advantages. Warm water makes soap more effective in dissolving dirt and certain stains (sugar based), however it will help to set certain stains so that they can become permanent. It allows some materials to relax for less wear or potential to tear during agitation. Cold water doesn't set stains, prevents bright or dark colors from fading as easily, prevents wools and other natural fibers from shrinking, and saves energy for a more green approach to the laundry.

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How do you shrink clothes in the washing machine?

cold water

Does washing clothes in cold water use more energy than washing them in hot water?

No, its more energy efficient.

Why hot water is preferred to cold water for washing clothes?

Hot water is preferred to cold water when washing clothes because the heat of the water allows the cleaning process to occur quicker. Hot clothing loads make for faster loads and drying times as opposed to cold.

Does Washing Powder works better in cold or hot water?


How does washing clothes in cold water conserve energy?

It eliminates the need to use energy to heat the water.

Save Money By Using Cold Water In Your Washing Machine?

When homeowners use washing machines, they should use cold water to wash their clothes whenever possible. Using cold water saves energy, because the water heater does not need to be used. Additionally, cold water is easier on your clothes, so you will have to replace them less often. Some people choose to wash their regular clothes in cold water, while washing towels and sheets in hot water. Switching to cold water for at least some of your loads of laundry can help you save a considerable amount of money.

Is it better to wash clothes in hot or cold water?

Hot water.

What type of water to use for washing colors?

Cold water is best when washing colours. Otherwise, the warm water would only assist in the colours bleeding out ofyour clothes.

What temperature washing water is better for the environment?

Cold water is better for the enviorment, because it uses "NO" electricity and power.

Why it is easier and better to wash clothes in cold water than warm water?

Cold water is cheaper and really there's no difference but it could be easier on your clothes!

Can washing clothes in cold water remove germs?

Generally, no. Germs are best killed by very warm or hot water.

Why clothes shrink after washed?

The reason why clothes shrink when we wash them is because we wash them in cold water. Try washing them in warm water and do not add to much fabric softener because it can also ruin your clothes.

Why hot water is preferred than cold water for washing clothes?

Well apparently, the surface tension of any liquid decreases with an increase in temperature, and liquids with lower surface tension surround suspended dirt particles, making them easier to remove. That's why hot water is preferred to cold water for washing clothes.Hope this helps :)

How to wash laundry in cold water?

I heard a radio program on NPR one day about laundry, and the person said that detergent made specifically for cold water washes are really much better for cold washing, and that aside from really dirty clothes, most of your clothes can be washed in cold water, using that special cold water detergent. Most laundry detergents are designed to be used in warm to hot water, and don't properly break down or clean well in cold water. But the specially designed cold water detergent is formulated differently.

When washing dishes what works better warm or cold water?

Washing with warm water is better. This is because the warm water react with the soapy solutions to create a lather. Also, the temperature of the water can better neutralize any bacterial traces from staying on the dishes.

What temperature is the best for washing your clothes?

Depends. It is best for the environment / energy savings to always wash in cold water. If clothes are stained, the best water temperature might depend on what kind of stain.

What is tap cold?

Its a mean on your washing machine it means the machine is empty of water while their are still clothes in it or whatever you put in your washer............

What do you soak clothes in cold water to remove?

You soak clothes with blood stains on them in cold water.

Does ambercrombie clothes stretch in cold water?

I believe you mean " Do abercrombie clothes stretch in cold water."

Washing white clothes cold or hot water?

Unless they're particularly dirty, wash them with cold water. It's cheaper because you don't use gas to heat the water and using less fuel is also good for the environment.

How do you you get urine stains out of clothes?

Rinse the clothes in cold water.If the stain is large or old, soak it in cold water with a pre-soak.Wash the clothes in cool water.

Is it better to use cold or hot water to get stains out of clothes?

Depends what the stain is from. NO way to answer this without that fact.

How can use hot water more wisely?

Hot water can be used more wisely by installing a low volume shower head. Washing clothes with cold is also very helpful.

How do washing machines work?

Operating a washing machine is pretty simple:There are a few things to decide before you start your load of clothes, such as how big the load is (small, medium, large, extra large), what temperature the water will be for the wash and rinse cycles (cold/cold, warm/cold, warm/warm, hot/cold), how the machine should agitate (delicate, knit, permanent press, heavy), and how long the cycles should last (number of minutes, based on how soiled your clothes are).After you fill the tub with clothes, the machine fills the tub with water, and then stirs the clothes around using an agitator.After some time agitating, the washer drains the water and then spins the clothes to remove most of the water. Then, it refills, and agitates the clothes some more to rinse out the soap. Then it drains and spins again.

What temperature should you wash your dark clothes in?

Cold water is better for a darks load. About 30 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius) is fine as long you make sure there aren't specific items that have their own special washing guidelines.

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