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Yes, it is a contract. You agree to pay the price, plus the additional buyers fee when you bid.

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Q: Is winning a bid at an auction a contract?
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What is meant by winning bid at an auction?

If you have the winning bid at an auction, then you have won that item with the bid you placed. After you pay for the item, it will be transferred to you.

How does Auction Sniper increase the chances of winning an auction?

It's an automated tool that you can use to place or increase your bid during the final seconds of an auction. That way, you don't have to be actively trying to increase or place your bid manually at the minute.

What is a firm fixed price bid?

This means that the price bid for the contract will (if the winning bid) be the actual price paid by the buyer and cannot change (even if it results in a loss to the seller).

Is bid a verb?

Depending on use it is a verb or a noun. He bid on the auction lot. verb He placed a bid on the auction lot. noun

What is the part of speech for bid?

Bid can be a noun or a verb. As a noun "He sealed his bid." As a verb "He bid on the auction."

What are the rules of a reverse auction?

A reverse auction allows a buyer to put out a request for bids on a contract or service. Those who wish to complete the service then bid for the chance to complete it, and the one with the lowest bid wins it, and is payed that amount by the buyer in exchange for the service.

What is an offer at an auction called?

A bid.

Can you delete a bid on eBay?

unfortunately no... :( Wrong! You can, until you confirm it, at which point you enter into a binding contract to buy the item if you win the auction.

Simple sentence using the word bid?

She bid on antiques at the auction.

How can I find the winning bid on eBay?

The winning bid is shown on an item listing page after the listing has closed.

What are invitations to bid?

Invitations to bid are normally given out for a private auction. These events are not open to the public and only a select few are invited to attend and bid on the items up for auction.

What do you call place where you can bid for things?

An auction.

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