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Sperms in for some reasons not harm your preganancy, it help ripen your cervix in late pregnancy.

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Q: Is withdrawal necissary during pregnancy sex?
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Can you have pregnancy symptoms during sex?

Yes , but sex during pregnancy is proven to help relieve the pains of pregnancy.

Does withdrawal method safe for woman?

The withdrawal method is not at all a safe method.Chances of the woman getting pregnant are very high.It is advisable not to take the risk.Even the initial orgasm which a man gets during sex may contain a stray sperm,thus leading to pregnancy

Can sex harm you during pregnancy?

Yes it can hurt the baby.

Could I practice sexual activities during pregnancy?

Yes, but it is advisable to avoid rough sex or the insertion of foreign objects (such as various sex toys) into the vagina during pregnancy.

How many trimesters you can sex during pregnancy?

All 3 trimesters.

Could heavy bleeding during and after sex be a sign of pregnancy?


Is there a such thing as having to much sex while being pregnant?

No, sex is fine during pregnancy. If you have a sensitive pregnancy the doctor would tell you to abstain.

Why do some men not want sex during pregnancy?

1- I think some men are have thinking when they have sex in that time they will create a pain on their partner . 2- on the religion case same religions are strongly advise to do not have sex during pregnancy .

Is it safe for a pregnant women to move during sex?

Yes it's perfectly safe unless the doctor have said no to her having sex due to problems during the pregnancy. But with a normal pregnancy there are no problems.

Can a woman crave a penis during her pregnancy?

There are times during the pregnancy when a woman wants sex more than usual, yes.

Can rough sex within two weeks of conception harm an embryo?

No, sex is safe during pregnancy.

When can you tell the child's sex during pregnancy?

Most Dr perform an ultrasound around the 16 to 22 weeks point in pregnancy where you can ask the sex of the baby.

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