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Is working alone illegal?


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No it is not illegal. If that were the case people of various occupations and professions wouldn't be able to do their jobs. A counselor works alone, a massage therapist works alone, an accountant might work alone. As you can see that would be a silly law.


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Its illegal to have a 14 year old working in a public work space at all.

The number of illegal children working is too high. It is because of poverty.

"If you are working alone" you punch out, lock up, and go home as being alone there are no other employees.

Nothings illegal if you dont get caught.

"Alone" and "together" are opposites in meaning, so "working alone" could not be a form of "togetherness". Togetherness would require at least two people.

No, it is not illegal for a child of age 12 (in most States and Canada) up to stay home alone.

Twerking alone is not illegal but twerking with others on public place is a crime in Florida.

Another word for working alone may be 'Self Employed'. Actually the self employed person is working on his own and architect of his own fortune.

yes it's illegal if working without licence of DGCX but there are some companies working like this.

...working by yourself, relying only on yourself and going it alone

i would say it is illegal because there wild animals there meant to be left alone

No, it is not illegal to live alone as a adult student.

In West Virginia it is illegal to drive alone unless you have your license.

if a chef works alone, it would be working in a house. But if a chef is working with other people, then that is in either a restaurant, a chocolate company, or a store.

It depends on the laws of the country. Most countries will not allow illegal aliens to work.

It was illegal to work and engage in certain forms of recreation on the Sabbath in America's colonial period.

If it is illegal, then you can be arrested and can be charged just like the person who owns the plant.

No it is technically not illegal for them to be home alone, since the one of them is over 16 it is considered a babysitting job in the eyes of the state.

Both working with others and being alone is worth for me although working alone is to complicated because nobody will supervise you anytime you need help but this is good,it is a challenging role.Thought I can learn without depending one's capability. Working with others is building a strength to make to achieve the goal of a firm. There's a saying that "In Union There is a Strength".

No, though if you're young it's not very safe

No its not illegal. But dont leave her unless you have full trust in her.

There would be nothing illegal about leaving a 17 year old alone overnight.

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