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The answer to that question is very random depending on who you ask. I for example think it is.

But I'll list the pros and cons, so you can say so yourself.


* Sleek and sexy design, perfect with any entertainment center, so it won't be an ugly site * Very good hardware, which makes the games look and play nice with great systems in them * If you get any major problems, Microsoft fixes it for free * Very active online community * MANY online games and friendly people who play them online, which leads to a great multiplayer experience * Countless games, and some GREAT ones at that Cons:

* Are known to get the Red Ring Of Death, which is everyone's worse nightmare. But can be fixed from Microsoft. * Somewhat loud fan, but not annoyingly loud. * Is not the most durable piece of hardware out there. * The price-tag on the games is a turn off

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Is a PS3 console better than a XBOX360 console?

In my opinion, xbox360 is better, but it is just my opinion.

Which console last longer ps3 or xbox360?


What console is fallout on?

on ps3 and xbox360 =)

What game console is best?


Why do you love your xbox360?

It is a fun gaming console.

Can you attach a hardrive to a xbox360 arcade console?


Why do you have an xbox360 and there are xboxers?

Because it is a fun gaming console.

How much does xbox360 full console cost?


Can you play Xbox games on Xbox360 console?

yes. you can.

What was the name of the first ever game console?


Can you use the Xbox connect on the Xbox console?

no it has to be on an xbox360

What is the best type of xbox360?

i think the best xbox 360 is the xbox360 elite 250 gigabyte console.

What does a xbox360 do?

A Xbox360 is a console, the second after the first Xbox. You play Xbox360 games on it and I think you can download or buy a thing so you can play your Xbox games on it to.

Can you play a Xbox360 game on a Normal Xbox console?

no you cannot

Does Xbox360 elite come with a game?

it depends if you buy a console package or not.

Can you play Xbox games using a Xbox360 console?

Most of them, but not all of them.

What console does the pros gamers use?

i think they use xbox360 or playstation3

What is the difference between the XBOX360 arcade and the regular XBOX360?

the regular 360 console has a biggerhard rive than the arcade it also looks better!

How do you build a vending machine in left 4 dead?

for which console xbox360 or PS3

What console does Metal Gear Solid 2 go on?


What xbox games can be played on the xbox360 console?

Yeah, but you can't do Kinect(of course).

How do you activate you xbox360 console on your computer?

You do not need to activate anything on the Xbox 360.

What is better for gaming PC or Console?

In PC there is more control and accuracy is better. On console it's harder but their are more games for console. I f you get a console, get a xbox360. Play halo on it. But fore control, its PC.

What is the difference between a games console and a netbook computer?

one is for playing games like xbox360 and the other is for computer is for less hightech than the xbox360

How long would it take for an xbox360 to be repaired if the disk drive is stuck halfway in and the console is a limited edition Halo Reach xbox360?

depends on the problem.

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