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Is xbox360 a nice console?



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The answer to that question is very random depending on who you ask. I for example think it is.

But I'll list the pros and cons, so you can say so yourself.


* Sleek and sexy design, perfect with any entertainment center, so it won't be an ugly site * Very good hardware, which makes the games look and play nice with great systems in them * If you get any major problems, Microsoft fixes it for free * Very active online community * MANY online games and friendly people who play them online, which leads to a great multiplayer experience * Countless games, and some GREAT ones at that Cons:

* Are known to get the Red Ring Of Death, which is everyone's worse nightmare. But can be fixed from Microsoft. * Somewhat loud fan, but not annoyingly loud. * Is not the most durable piece of hardware out there. * The price-tag on the games is a turn off