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It may be, but if it is unpleasant in any way it may be a sign of infection, see a doctor.

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Q: Is yellow mucus a sign of pregnancy?
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Is stringy stretchy cervical mucus a sign of pregnancy?


Can mucus in the vaginia prevent pregnancy?

No, mucus in the vagina is normal and is sometimes a sign of increased fertility

Change in cervical mucus a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, or ovulation

What does it mean when you have yellow mucus coming out of your nose?

More than likely, yellow-greenish mucus is a sign of a cold, or sinus infection.

What color will cervical mucus be in early pregnancy I am having sometimes yellow sometimes white snd sometimes clear?

I am wondering this too and I have read on several sites that white or yellowish creamy mucus is a sign of early pregnancy... hey docs, we need more research on this!

Does dryness after fertile cervical mucus is a sign of early pregnancy?

Dryness is not a sign of pregnancy and is normal after ovulation. Typically there is more mucus while pregnant. If you're concerned and have other symptoms take a test.

Is less mucus a sign of pregnancy?

No its a sign of a dry vagina. Usually caused by a yeast infection.

Is increased mucus flow a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, due to the increase in progestrotone

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you have cervical mucus that is cloudy and watery and sometimes a little thicker?

Creamy cervical mucus (called leukorrhea) may be a pregnancy symptom. However, if the cervical mucus is more watery, this may be a sign that your period is coming as watery cervical mucus may indicate the breakdown of the corpus luteum -- the body left on the ovary after the release of the egg. The breakdown of the corpus luteum happens if pregnancy has not been achieved.

Is thick heavy discharge a sign of pregnancy?

Hello - Thick cervical mucus discharge (vaginal discharge) is often a sign of Ovulation, approaching period or pregnancy related.

Is thick white cottage cheese mucus a sign of pregnancy?

No it is not a sign of pregnancy.. It can be a normal discharge or It can be from a yeast infection or an STD.. I suggest you call your doctor and make an appointment.

Can mucus stool be a sign of pregnancy?

yes so can being fat and being lazy.

Is it normal to have a yellow mucus like discharge at 25 weeks pregnant?

No, yellow and/or green discharge is never normal during pregnancy

Is yellow green discharge a sign of pregnancy?

yellow green discharges are usually signs of an infection. an example would be pyometra, an infection of the uterus. a missed menstrual period is a sign of pregnancy.

What are the cervical mucus changes in pregnancy?

Cervical mucus changes vary from not only woman to woman but also pregnancy to pregnancy. A woman can have one pregnancy where she has a ton of extra cervical discharge and then another pregnancy where she has absolutely none. Typically cervical mucus in pregnancy dries up somewhat but it is not uncommon for a woman to have a lotion-like cervical mucus during her pregnancy or somewhere in between the dry and lotion-like consistencies. There is no one cervical mucus that can determine pregnancy.

Can you be producing what seems to be fertile mucus and still be pregnant?

Having extra mucousy discharge is actually a sign of pregnancy.

Is it a bad sign if your in early pregnancy and your urine is very yellow?

I believe that's a good sign and hope so cause I too am early in my pregnancy and my urine is very yellow. I think it is a sign of cleaning your system of all toxins? and that's a good thing.

Mucus and pregnancy?

if you are far along in your pregnancy mucus is normal.. nasty but normal if your not to far along contact your doctor

Do your cervical mucus dry up at 7 weeks of pregnancy?

Cervical mucus should not dry up during pregnancy.

Is increased cervical mucus an early pregnancy sign?

yes, but everyone is different i had i would go see a doctor just in case.

When you have vaginal mucus unlike the kind you experience when ovulating is this a sign of pregnancy?

this can be a possible infection or std such as a yeast infection, get checked by a doctor.

Pink mucus in pregnancy at 34 weeks?

Maybe you are losing your mucus plug

Could you be pregnant if you are 2 weeks late for your period and you have ovulating signs?

Yes you could be pregnant. Increased cervical mucus is a pregnancy sign its also a sign of a thrush infection or ovualtion.

Is it true that the period stopping is the sign of pregnancy How can you stop this pregnancy now?

Missing a period is the first sign of pregnancy and there is no way of stopping it except by having a termination. If you are unable to continue with the pregnancy you need to call Planned Parenthood (look in Yellow Pages) and the sooner the better.

Is yellow urine a sign of pregnancy?

No, yellow urine is a sign of dehydration-drink more water. Also, your urine will be bright yellow if you take a vitamin B supplement (and I think some other medications will make it very dark or bright yellow, too).