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Is your blood red or blue?

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Human blood is definitely not blue. This is a common misconception that comes from looking at the 'blue' veins in the skin and anatomy charts. The color in blood comes from hemoglobin, a protein that carries oxygen. When there is lots of oxygen in the blood, the hemoglobin turns a little brighter red. When blood is in your veins (that are mostly red too), and is de-oxygenated and carrying wastes from the body tissues, it is a very, very dark red. It only seems blue when you look through your skin because the skin and blood reflect light differently and make the veins and venous blood seem blue looking through light colored skin. If you were to look inside someone, their veins and arteries and the blood inside them would look very similar, not blue at all. Blue is only a reflective property of the skin and underlying veins. Arteries would look just the same if they were close enough to the surface to see like veins.

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Is red or blue blood oxygenated?

Red ofcouse. Blue is deoxygenated blood.

What animal has blue blood?

Horseshoe crabs have blue blood. Believe it or not, humans have red blood and only red blood.

How come your blood is actually blue?

Your blood is blue and some of it is red. the blood from your heart is blue. blood that interacts with your lungs is red because it interfears with the oxygen.

What gives oxygenated blood its blue color?

Oxygenated blood is Red, a light red, not blue.

Is you blood blue when its in your body?

No, Its red although lobsters have blue blood

Why do lobsters have blue blood?

The copper in their blood gives their blood a bluish tint. It is much like how iron in our blood causes our blood to be red. Haemoglobin is a red pigment in blood that makes the blood red when it comes out into oxygen (that why when we bleed, our blood is red.) some animals do not have haemoglobin in blood, for example LOBSTERS! So this is why their blood is blue.

Is blue whale have a blue blood?

The colour of all whales' blood is red, not blue.

Do octopuses and squids have red blood?

Incorrect AnswerNo, instead they all have blue blood. This is because they have a certain molecule inside the blood containing copper. Most organisms have blue blood. Humans have blue blood!AnswerActually, Squids have red blood. Octopuses have blue blood. The answer above is incorrect. But it is true that humans have blue blood that turns red when it is exposed to oxygen.

Is your blood blue or is it your veins?

no, on a diagram there are two colors, red and blue, red is for oyxgen-rich blood and blue is for oxygen-poor blood but only on the diagram

What do blue blood cells do?

there isn't blue blood cells. only red, white and plateles. They are called red blood cells for a reason. They are generally red. If the amount of oxygen in the blood drops below a certain point, it can look blue. (look blue, doesn't mean it is blue) and NO humans don't have blue blood

Is blood really blue or black?

You have red and blue blood only when you bleed it is red never blue or you have to go to the hospital when a lot of red blood is together in a clump like in a bag at the hospital

Why do you see red blood?

That's easy. When blood is in your body it is blue that's why your veins are blue. When oxygen meets the blood the blood turns red.

What is the difference between blue blood and red blood?

blue blood is the blood in your body that has not been exposed to air and red blood is the blood that has been exposed to air for example if you get a cut your bood appears red

What makes blood look blue?

Blood makes blood red, whereas blood is blue when there is no air in it.

Is it a myth that blood is blue?

no, only blood that is exposed to oxygen is red, unoxygenated blood is blue.

Is the color of blood blue?

With a few notable exceptions, blood is red, not blue.

Is deoxygenated blood blue?

No deoxygenated blood is dark red and oxygenated blood is lightish red.

Is blood red in the body?

no blood is blue when its in your body

Does blood contain red blood cells and blue blood cells?

In relation to the human body, it is a common misconception that blood is blue; all blood is red. The blue appearance is due to the connective tissues of the blood vessels. Blood cells can be either erythrocytes, which are red, or leukocytes, which are white. When blood is oxygenated it is a much brighter red than de-oxygenated blood.

Why do we represent blood using the colors red and blue?

Blood is actually the color red, so blood is represented by the color red because it is red. It is sometimes represented by blue to represent deoxygenated blood, which is actually dark red as opposed to the bright red of oxgyenated blood. This is purely for visual purposes so those learning about the circulatory system can see clearly where there is oxygenated blood and where there is deoxygenated blood. The myth that human blood is blue is not true, but the blood of a horseshoe crab is actually the color blue.

Is blood really blue?

No, the blood is always red. The term,' blue blood' is given to noble people.

How whale have blue blood?

The colour of all species of whales blood is red, not blue.

Why people used only red and blue ink when tracing the flow of the blood?

They use red and blue ink when tracing the flow of blood because red ink is for arteries and blue ink is for veins. This can cause a problem because people sometimes think that arteries have red blood and veins have blue blood, but this is not true.

Who has blue blood?

Blood is always red. The shades of red; however, differ according to the amount of oxygen being carried. Deoxygenated blood is not blue only a darker shade of red.

Why is the humans Blood Red?

Blood is red because it contains oxygen, blood is actually blue when it has no oxygen.