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It is not public property but depending on certain factors, it is considered a public place. If it is not fenced, it is considered a public place in that the pubic has access to it ie: walking up to your front door to knock. Anyone can do that unless it is fenced or no trespassing signs are displayed. Each state has different statutes regarding this. But as a matter of law, the front yard is considered a public place.

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Q: Is your front yard considered public property?
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Can you drink in your own yard if youre underage?

If your yard is open to ANY view from your neighbors or from public property, it is prohibited.

Is my yard in front of my house considered school property when being picked up by school bus?

I don't think it is school property. It is your property. However, a school bus or a city bus is part of the city or school, so they do have the right to drive there.

Where are some good public squirrel hunting areas in Maryland?

My front yard.

Can a landlord at your apartment complex store a giant storage trailer in your front yard if the yard is technically a common area and not part of your rented property?


Do you need a cdl to be a yard jockey in Va?

If you're going to be operating on any public roadways or any public property at all, yes. If you're going to be operating exclusively on private property, no.

Is it illegal to be drunk in public in the US if you are in your own front yard and not disturbing the peace?

If you were in your front yard, you would certainly satisfy the portion of the law about being "in public." However, if you weren't disturbing the peace, the chances of your coming to the attention of law enforcement are VERY slim.

Can you put up a privacy fence in your front yard in Santa Rosa county Florida?

Yes, you can have a privacy fence in your front yard. It mustn't be any taller than four feet, unless your property is adjacent to a non-residential property, in which case the fence can be six feet in height.

Is front yard a pronoun verb or noun?

The term 'front yard' is a noun phrase, a group of words with a noun and the words related to that noun, for example:front yardthe front yarda beautiful front yarda very beautiful front yardThe term 'front yard' can also be considered an compound noun; two or more words combined to form a noun with its own meaning.

Is it illegal to drink in your front yard?

no if its ur yard u can do anything in it i drink in front of cops in my yard them

When was Front Yard Luge created?

Front Yard Luge was created in 1999.

Can you put a treehouse in the front yard?

Possibly, it depends if you have a tree in your front yard.

how can we get proof that the city does not own 15ft of our front yard and get them to pay us for our property. ?

Actually, in most cities the government does own the first 15 ft of your front yard. The good part is that they have to maintain it if there is a sewer break, etc. But technically it is theirs, not yours.

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