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She is testing the waters for divorce. If she can make it on her own, she will divorce you. If she can't, you are 'option B' and she will come crawling back. * Sounds as if she has decided to become an adult and plans to learn to handle her own affairs and earn her own way in this world. That's what adults do, they do not depend on their spouses or family for financial support them, to make decisions for them or otherwise tell them how they should conduct their lives.

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Q: Is your marriage over if your wife says she needs to leave to find out who she is and if she can make it on her own?
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Roman Catholic AnswerA divorced man in a valid marriage needs to be particularly careful about "female friendships". Everybody needs friends, in the Lord, but make sure those friendships are advancing your (and their) salvation, not possibly proving an occasion for possible sin. You need to make an appointment with a wise, Godly priest, who can help you discern what you should be doing with your life.

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NO. Any marriage that needs to abort an innocent baby in the hopes of salvaging it is not worth saving. You either love each other and want to make the marriage work, or not. You need marriage counseling, not an abortion. A baby cannot make or break a marriage. Not only will an abortion not save your marriage, but will very likely cause emotional distress for you for years, if not for the rest of your life. Could you live with that kind of guilt, knowing you aborted your child for a marriage that didn't work out anyway?

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If it is like using a sisters death to make you stop talking to him, you need to speak to a counselor for your marriage, or just leave him.

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If there is no way to reconcile your differences then find a way to make it happen. There will never be enough financial stability to walk away. Just do what needs to be done. Yes it will be a struggle but what is better staying and being unhappy or worse or leving and starting over. I chose starting over and it worked for me.

Should a father make a speech at his daughter's second marriage?

yes of course, she may be getting married for the second time but he still needs to support her.

How do you make your married boyfriend leave his wife?

If hes going out with you then hes obviously unhappy in his marriage. Ask him that if this is the case why doesnt he end the marriage. If he doesnt want to end the marriage tell him its over. If he likes you enough he would end up choosing you; that would be the ultimate test. remember if you marry a man who left his wife, you the wife of a man who will leave his wife to marry some one else

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To extend a leave for a marriage a request for a specific amount of time is appropriate. You should phrase it as a request to management and give the specific reason for the request. It is advisable to put it in as early as possible if you want the request approved as that gives the manager time to cover the days that the employee will be away.

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Before you plan this make sure that this is what you wanted to do. If you really want to leave your husband, tell him face to face, then find a lawyer that can handle your case, means divorce lawyer. If this is what you wanted..

How can same-sex marriage be improved?

All that same-sex marriage needs is to be legalized, accepted and recognized. Same-sex marriage couples just need to be treated the same as heterosexual ones - a level playing field. After that, then it's up to each couple to make it work.