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Berating and yelling at any person is not acceptable. The situation definitely could have been handled in a more reasonable and positive manner. However, parents should set rules and consistently enforce them regarding the children living in their home. It is simply good manners to properly present and introduce oneself to persons whose home you are visiting regardless if it is only one particular individual you have come to see. Wel,, probably not much is gained by yelling at you, but your mother is completely in the right to expect that someone courting you, or your boyfriend, would have the respect to come to the door, introduce himself properly and then ask to speak to you in private.

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2006-04-04 15:18:32
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Q: Is your mother wrong if your guy friend came over and called you outside to talk and when you went back inside your mother began yelling at you because he was disrespectful for not coming to the door?
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