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No, you need to get the insurance arranged before you pick up the new car.

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How soon after you purchase the car do you need to get antique auto insurance?

There is no specific deadline but you will be unable to drive the car on the road without the insurance. It will also not be covered for any type of damage until insurance is purchased and the insurance will cover the state it is in when coverage starts so it is best to get it as early as possible.

Do individuals need to obtain health insurance if they have a job?

Some jobs provide individuals who are employees with health insurance benefits. However, not all employers provide health insurance, and in that case an individual would need to purchase their own health insurance if they wished to be covered. Also, some employers do not offer health insurance until after a probationary period (typically 90 days). If the employee wished to have health insurance during that period, they would have to purchase it on their own.

Can you purchase individual health insurance if you are currently covered under your spouse's plan?

Sure you can. But why would you want to purchase coverage if you already have coverage on your wife's plan? You might want to research now and then wait to buy until after her coverage comes up for renewal.

If an employee leaves does the employer have to provide Cobra insurance until they find another insurance company?

If you had an employee covered under a group policy (less than 5), do you have to provide Cobra insurance to the employee until they find other coverage if they leave the company?

Does Canadian health insurance cover contraception?

It was not covered up until 2002 when I moved away, and I don't know after that. The doctor's appointment to get the prescription was covered, and then it had to be renewed, perhaps annually.

What is the rule in a medical insurance company sending you a notice that a dependent wasn't covered back in January but you were never notified until the end of September?

Why wasn't the dependent covered? Can you prove you were never notified? Is COBRA or HIPAA involved? What does the Insurance Contract say? Brochures? Did the insurance company have an obligation to notify you?

MY son is in the Navy and we took him off our insurance while he is away. He will be home this weekend. Can we get coverage while he is here?

He should be covered by life insurance with the Navy, unless he opted to not be covered. Ask him if he has insurance with the Navy. Medical insurance he does not need as the Navy will provide any medical treatment he may need up until his discharge.

Is a new car covered by your old policy for a short period until you can have it transfered?

Sometimes check with your insurance company and find out their policy

How long before I am covered by my husband's insurance after we get married?

As soon as you can get listed on the policy and begin paying the premium, you can be covered. If this is a group plan with his job, you may have to wait until open enrollment so you can be listed on the plan and your premium can be collected. If this is an individual plan on his own, call the insurance company phone number on the insurance card to be added to the plan.

If you meet with with an accident on the last day of your insurance coverage will insurance company pay for it and Can you report accident after the last day?

Generally, your coverage expires at midnight on the last day of your policy. Until then, you are covered. There may be some time limit during which you must report an accident, but if it happened while you were covered, the insurance company should take care if it.

How do you get your newly purchased used car from the dealer to your insurance agent without any car insurance?

What happens when you purchase a used car from a dealer is that you get information from the dealer on the car you are buying, such as make, model, year, VIN number, then you call your insurance company. This can be done at your home or you can do it right in the dealer's office. If you are trading in an old car, you can transfer the insurance from your old car to your new car. Then, the insurance company will fax an insurance binder to the car dealer, because they will need that to transfer your car plates. You keep that faxed insurance binder as proof of insurance until you get your real policy in the mail from your insurance company.

Does your child have medical coverage after he graduates from college?

If your child is covered under your insurance while in college, the coverage probably ends in the month that the child graduates. You can probably purchase Cobra coverage at a higher rate until the child buys his or her own coverage. You should check with your insurance agent (or the actual policy if you have it) to be sure of the ending date of your graduate's coverage.

How long can you stay covered under your parents insurance policy?

I believe it is until 18 years of age, unless the child is a full-time student.

Does life insurance cover suicide in New Jersey?

Yes, suicide is a covered cause of death on life insurance policies, but not until the policy has been in force for 2 years; 1 year in some states.

How to keep health care of the kids?

The Affordable Health Care Act of 2010 allows parents to keep their children on their health insurance until they are 26. This applies if they are not covered under any other health insurance.

Have a sinkhole claim pending with a out of state insurance Is there an insurance that will cover you until settlement you are not covered now?

That would probably be hard to find if you have an open claim pending. It's usuallly best to stay with that insurer is possible at least until the caim is closed before switching companies.

If you were driving your mother's car with her permission when she died can you still be covered under her auto insurance if you keep up the payments until you inherit the title after probate ends?

If you were driving within the law old enough held a valid licence at the time and indeed included on the insurance theres a chance you will be covered by the insurance but seeing as it was your mothers car and insurance and through the result of an accident caused by your own admittance by yourself which takes all blame away from her then this being the case the insurance would still have to pay out on her insurance policy.

Are newly licensed drivers covered by their parents insurance for a certain period of time until they can set up their own insurance?

You may need to get your insurance company to add the new driver on with a rider clause to be covered. It is possible that your coverage will allow the new driver, but, some insurance companies do not allow new drivers to be on the parents insurance, They make the new driver get an insurance policy on his or her license before they will cover them in the parents car. Check with your agent before you let the new driver operate the vehicle alone or you may loose your insurance.

Does the insurance company have to pay for a rental vehicle for a client until their vehicle is fixed if they have full coverage insurance?

Rental car coverage is an add-on, check your policy to see if you are covered - if there was another vehicle involved in the accident and the driver was at fault, his or her insurance should pick up the tab.

Can you get auto insurance with just a learners permit?

Yes you can since a drivers permit is proof of permission to drive an automobile. You can obtain your own insurance or be covered under someone elses just as long as you have coverage. A drivers permit comes with all the responsibilities of anyone who operates a motor vehicle including finacial responsibilities so it's required that you be covered even under a permit.

What are cradle to grave benefits?

Cradle-to-grave is a term used in the insurance industry and when referring to certain government benefits. The term means you are covered from birth until death.

Is liability insurance covered on all vehicles owned?

Not necessarily. Vehicles must be listed on the policy and a premium paid for the coverages desired. Some companies give a certain number of days coverage when you purchase a new vehicle and some do not provide coverage until you notify them to add the new vehicle to the policy.

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