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Is your partner unhappy with you if you are overweight and he always looks at other women when you go out together and would he cheat if given the chance?

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March 12, 2007 5:39PM

Men will look at other women and women (if honest) will look at

other men, but as long as it's "look, don't touch" it's fairly

normal. However, if all his attention is off of you constantly you

need to either communicate to how you feel about it or give him a

taste of his own medicine. Start looking at other guys and making

comments about good looking guys to your partner. Most guys will

glance at the odd woman when out and do it discreetely, but it's

down right rude when your partner is constantly looking at other

women and don't put up with it! You could be a #10 and he'd still

be looking. Just like a kid in a candy shop. Stop second-guessing

how you look, and put the blame on where it belongs ... HIM!

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