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Men will look at other women and women (if honest) will look at other men, but as long as it's "look, don't touch" it's fairly normal. However, if all his attention is off of you constantly you need to either communicate to how you feel about it or give him a taste of his own medicine. Start looking at other guys and making comments about good looking guys to your partner. Most guys will glance at the odd woman when out and do it discreetely, but it's down right rude when your partner is constantly looking at other women and don't put up with it! You could be a #10 and he'd still be looking. Just like a kid in a candy shop. Stop second-guessing how you look, and put the blame on where it belongs ... HIM!

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Why do guys always have to cheat on girls?

They don't always have to. They rarely do. The main reason for cheating is because they are unhappy with their relationship and look else where for something more. Most guys are honest and stay with one partner and are happy.

Is 300 pounds overweight?

Almost always, it's overweight, it is probably obese too.

How can you tell if you are in a bad marriage?

You are always unhappy.

What kind of a person is mme loisel why is she always unhappy?

She was always unhappy because, she wanted to be like her rich friend and have furs , jewelry , nice dresses . etc

Are overweight people always happy?


Can overweight people participate in karate?

Certainly! Good thing, too, as I've always been overweight.

How do you use the word partner in a sentence?

You use partner as a noun.Some examples:My partner in crime is always by my side.The teacher always told the students to pick a partner for their upcoming project.

Why is your dog unhappy?

my dog is always happy and i bet he will always be happy bwhen hes with me

Is divorce is better than an unhappy marriage?

No, there is always counseling.

Can being overweight keep you from reproducing?

Seriously i am married and can't reproduce and being overweight doesnt always mean you are completely fat.

Your partner and you parted your ways he said that you will always be with him?

He just means that he will always remember you.

What suspicion do you get if partner is cheating?

i will believe that my partner is not giving me the full concentration i need from partner/ and nothing she can say she must be lying always in this period.

5 examples of prefix in sentence?

She always unhappy. UN is Prefix ,Happy is a rootword

Why women were unhappy with their place in society?

Women were unhappy with their place in society because they were always discriminated against by men. Men can never give women a chance but women always respect a mans choice. So why can't men do the same

In trying to establish a relationship is it always necessary to directly tell the other person that you like them along the way?

I think you should always tell your partner how you feel. I think you should always tell your partner how you feel.

Why does he always say he is unhappy when he seems extremely happy?

If he is happy then he is just looking for attention when he says that he is unhappy. Maybe people mother him and he craves this attention. It is not a good way to be to always crave attention. Eventually people will see through him and he will have to do something else.

What is the last karin episode?

#24: It is Embarassing to be Together Always 24. It is Embarassing to be Together Always 24. It is Embarassing to be Together Always

How much percentage of Filipinos are overweight?

Well, the filipenoes are always starving so 0%

How do you make teenagers happy and cheerful without offending others?

Each person is different. What makes one happy will not make another happy. The first step would be to find out what is causing the unhappiness. Is the teen always unhappy (which can indicate a real problem) or unhappy with a current situation, like a boyfriend/girlfriend breakup or not getting something they want? If they are unhappy with a current situation, be supportive and help them work through it. If they are always unhappy, counseling might help.

Can a person use vasectomy alone eventhough the partner wont help?

The decision to have a vasectomy is always yours but you should tell your partner.

Should you break up with someone if your having personal problems?

breaking up is not the only solution when you have problems. even if it is personal you can always share it with your partner. maybe you'll figure out a solution together.

Can turtles live alone as pets?

yes but its always better for them to have a partner :)

Why are overweight people overweight?

Many people look at others who are overweight and assume that they must be lazy and eat lots of unhealthy foods. This is not always the case and our weight is not always something we are in control of. Metabolism problems are one reason why people are overweight. Some people who are overweight do eat very healthy and exercise regularly. There are many reasons for having a slow metabolism. This may include genetics or even hormonal disorders. For example, my mother has a thyroid disorder and she is overweight. She is constantly eating healthy and she exercises for hours everyday. There is nothing she can do about this problem, there is not medical cure. This just goes to show people that they shouldn't judge others before they know the situation that those people are in. Our weight is not always as easy to control as people may think.

What are the signs that you partner is having an on-line affair?

ANSWER: When it comes to our spouse, partner or even boyfriend, it will be hard to predict what they are thinking. The only way you can know if your partner is having relationship from on line site, is when he always stay up very late at night while your asleep. He always change his passwords so you can't open his account. You will noticed that he is always alert about what he was doing on line when you are around. You can add more because you are the only one that knows your partner. But what I told you always do happen.

What should you do if you're in a relationship where you're both unhappy and you always fight about stupid things and now at your work there's a guy who always makes you laugh and brightens your day?

If evidently that happens, tell the person you are in the relationship with the truth, tell them that you are unhappy, and that you want to make them happy, and that is to let them go.