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'shadah' meaning testimony.


'sawm' meaning fast



quran (the Islamic holy book)

n.b need more just ask.

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A society where religion plays a key role in how things work. For example Islamic countries follow Sharia law, which is a teaching of Islam.

A Caliph was a key leader of Muslim empire .

ramadan. Ramdan is the name of one of 12 Islamic month and Muslims should take fasting during day in this month.

you have to stay pure to yourself.

Banning of the Burqa, sleeping with multiple women, terrorism, following the Islamic religion and continuing to provide all duties to God, such as sacrificing, fasting, celebrating all religious tradtitions such as Ramadan and Eid.

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St. Benedict was the key religious figure in the development of monasteries in the west. St. Benedict developed rules for monastic life which are still used today.

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The city of CAIRO (القاهرة), which is the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt is a key center in the Islamic World because of its large population and legal impact from Al-Azhar Islamic Seminary.

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