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Q: It comes from the the greek word meaning slow waves?
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Where did the greek word bradycardia originate from?

Bradycardia, a condition in which the heart beats slower than normal, comes from the Greek language. This term is derived from the words 'bradys', meaning 'slow' and 'kardia' which means 'heart'.

What element has name that means lazy in greek?

It the element Argon (Ar) from the greek word αργό (argo) meaning slow

What causes abnormal slow or fast brain waves?

Abnormal slow brain waves can be caused by conditions such as brain injury, dementia, or sleep disorders. Abnormal fast brain waves can be triggered by epilepsy, anxiety disorders, or drug use. It's important to consult a healthcare professional for a comprehensive evaluation and appropriate treatment.

Greek meaning of word argos?

In Greek, "argos" means "lazy" or "idle." The word is often used to describe someone who is inactive or sluggish.

Are s-waves slow or fast?

s-waves are slower they always occur after p-waves

What the large slow brain waves associated with sleep called?

Delta waves

What are the large slow brain waves associated with sleep called?

Delta waves

Electromagnetic waves slow down or change direction?

Electromagnetic waves do not slow down in a vacuum. However, they can change direction when they encounter different mediums, such as transitioning from air to glass. This change in direction is known as refraction.

What are alpha waves?

Large, slow brain waves associated with relaxation and falling asleep.

The large slow brain waves associated with stage 4 sleep?

Delta waves

Where did the word retarded originate from?

It comes from Latin, the word retardo or retardum meaning to slow down and is typically used in music.

Tsunamis are usually slow-moving waves?