It is possible to be allergic to the liquid form of amber?


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It is possible to be allergic to almost any substance. Only a doctor can tell you for sure, through proper testing.


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If something got stuck in and enclosed by the liquid sap then it's fossilized.

Fossilized tree sap is amber, by definition. If something (e.g. insect, pollen grains, seed) got stuck in and enclosed by the liquid sap and it fossilized, you have the object in fossilized tree sap; aka amber.

The word 'allergic' is the adjective form of the noun allergy.

Amber does not possess the property of crystal form, nor is it inorganic.

it is a force that make it possible for non-polar molecule to form solid and liquid.

Smart kitty: sorry, your answer is wrong. only insects form in amber and animals and reptiles are formed in fossils.

because the borax and the glue mix to form a solid and a liquid. it is possible

An allergic response is a response of the immune system to some form of allergen. It may take the form of itching, inflammation, or tissue injury.

in addition to its role in reducing allergic reactions, may be used as a nighttime sedative, for control of drug-induced Parkinsonism, and, in liquid form, for control of coughs.

The plural form of liquid is liquids.

It doesn't. Amber is resin or sap from trees that has gone hard with age.

Gold is melted into liquid form

Two options are possible: Either the two liquids can be soluble and form a homogeneous solution (like milk and water) or the two liquids can form two different layers and form heterogeneous solution (like oil and water).

solvent is the liquid form while the solute is the solid form. -zhane solvent is the liquid form while the solute is the solid form. -zhane

yes, it is possible to eat rum. That is if it is combined with a solid substance, since rum is liquid in its natural form.

elements can combine to form new substances with different properties.

the name for water in liquid form is water

I THINK it is not in liquid or solid is in gas form...

Carbon dioxide is at room temperature a gas; a gas can be liquefied to obtain the liquid form. It is possible also to obtain a gas in solid form (at very low temperatures) and the carbon dioxide is not an exception.

A liquid has a volume and the form of the container.

Yes, it is. It is an adjective form of the noun allergy.

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