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James watts first invention?

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made computer made computer

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James Watt was an inventor from Scotland who is credited for the invention of the first modern steam engine and the rotary engine. He was born in 1736 and died in 1819.

he made travel faster and easier

James Watts or George Stephenson

James W. Watts was born on 1904-01-19.

James W. Watts died on 1994-11-15.

James Watts - rugby player - died in 1933.

James Watts - rugby player - was born in 1878.

The watt unit is called after James Watt.

The best example is Watts' steam engine.

His mother Agnus. NOT YOU!

James Watts Robinson has written: 'Robinsonian bond and investment tables ...' -- subject(s): Tables, Investments

James Watt's full name is James Gaius Watt.

His full name is James Gaius Watt.

James Watts Hobbies were making instruments and selling them

He did not go to college.

On, type in exactly: How did James Watts steam engine change the world? You must use these exact words.

father- James watt mother- agnes muirhead

Anne Muirhead, Edgar (jim) Watt and James Watt

Thomas Edison's first lightbulb was about 20 watts

Arthur James Watts has written: 'Seeing things' -- subject(s): Study and teaching, Religion, Religious education 'Teach your child about God'

Oh man I do not know. But I think James Watt's middle name is Leslie! =)

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