John Cena mom

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Her name is Carrol Cena.

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Carey cena

Carey cena

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Q: John Cena mom
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Is John cena mom is filipino?

John Cena's mom is alive

Who is john cena's mom?

John Cena's mom is Mrs.Cena. LOL Her name is Carol Cena.

Who was Carol Cena?

She's John Cena's mom.

What are the ages of John cena's parents?

john cena,s dad is 77 john cena,s mom is 65

Whats is John Cena's mom's name?

Carol Cena and they are Italian.

Where is John Cena mom?

She died

What is John Cena's mom and dad's name?

His mother's name is Carol Cena and his dad's name is John Cena Sr.

Were is John Cena's mom?

she died of cancer

Where is John Cena's mom from?

I think she is albanian

Is John Cena have a mom?

yes he is have a mum

John cena's ethnic background?

John Cena is Albanian. Dads name is John Cena, His mom is Carol his two brothers are Matt and Dan cena and trademark is his cousin.

Why doesn't John Cena like his mom?

Cena loves his mother very much!