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Q: John oxley timeline
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What is John Oxley's full name?

John Oxley's full name was John Joseph William Molesworth Oxley.

Who were John Oxley's parents?

If you are asking about John Joseph Oxley, the British and Australian explorer, he was the eldest son of John Oxley and his wife Isabella.

When did John Oxley die?

John Oxley died on 26 May 1828.

When was SS John Oxley created?

SS John Oxley was created in 1927.

When did SS John Oxley end?

SS John Oxley ended in 1968.

Is anything named after John Oxley?

Many places have been named after explorer John Oxley. They include: * The Oxley Highway in New South Wales * The town of Oxley, NSW * Oxley Island on the NSW north coast * The Federal electorate of Oxley (Queensland) * NSW Electoral district of Oxley * Oxley Wild Rivers National Park * Oxley Creek (Qld) * Suburbs of Oxley, Qld and Oxley, Australian Capital Territory * The John Oxley Library, which is part of the State Library of Queensland

When was John C. Oxley born?

John C. Oxley was born on 1937-01-24.

What equipment did john Oxley use while traveling?

what equipment did oxley use

Where did John Oxley die?

Explorer of Australia John Oxley died at Kirkham, Sydney in 1828. He was only 42 when he died.

How did John Oxley come to Australia?

by a boat

Where was john oxley born?

London UK

How did john oxley explore?

by foot or with horses

How old was John Oxley when he died?


What were some hardships of John Oxley?


When was John Oxley Born?

It remains uncertain when John Oxley was born. Biographies written about him variously list him as being born in 1783 or 1785.

Where did John Oxley pass away?

John Oxley died on 26 May 1828 at Kirkham. He was buried in the Devonshire Street cemetery in Sydney.

John Oxley's wife name?

her mistress name was sheldon sieradzki but her name after she married was sheldon oxley

What did john oxley hope to find?

John Oxley was hoping to find some land but during the journey he came to swampy waters and couldn't get passed it.

When did John Oxley go on his first expedition?

in 1817

What did John Oxley take with him to his first expedition?


How did john oxley travel?

by boat or a small gondilia

Does John Oxley Australian explorer have a wife?


What ship did john oxley travel on?

he sailed on friendship

What did john oxley achieve?

HE followed the lachlan river

Did John Oxley go to school or university?

Yes he did