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Kid's news and events in the year 2000?

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Top 10 news and events that happened in the Philippines in the year of 2008?

top 10 news in the Philippines (2008)

How many kids die from drugs?

2000 a year

What are some of the top news events of the year 1991?

During 1991 events that appeared on the news were things such as the crash of a Boeing 747 in Thailand, an outbreak of Chlorea and the US president Zachary Taylor got exhumed.

What scientific events happened in the year 2000?

Y2K is one technological event

How many kids die each year due to bulling?

about 2000

How many kids die from bullying a year?

like about 2000 or more

What Jobs In Brooks Alberta are Hiring 12 year old kids?

answer: news paper delivery

What events took place in year 2000?

the main event that happend in 2000 was that it changed from the 20th centary to the 21st centary.

Main headlines in the news- 1997?

1997 news events, main headlines from all over the world? ? Anyone want to help me do a little research into the year of 1997. Apart from the death of Princess Diana were there any other major events, (or minor) which you know happened in this year.

What are the release dates for Sekai Gyoten News - 2000 17 Year-Old Kickboxer 5-9?

Sekai Gyoten News - 2000 17 Year-Old Kickboxer 5-9 was released on: USA: February 2007

Christmas News Letter Examples?

Examples of Christmas news letters include various ways of sharing family news with others. Examples of news includes special events, vacations, and a brief summary of each family member's year.

What year did the anti-semitism occur?

Anti-Semitic events have occurred every year for over 2000 years.

How much money do Americans spend each year on tickets to sporting events?

2000 Pounds x

What year did xmen evolution come out?

It was aired the first time November 2000 on Kids' WB.

When did anti-semitism occur?

Anti-Semitic events have occurred every year for over 2000 years.

'Top Ten' list of major news events of the 80s Describe one event for each year of the decade?

your mum hghguhgehge

What major events happened between 2000-2009?

A number of major events occurred between the year 2000 to 2009. Some of the most important events include the September 11th 2001 tragedy, the Columbia disaster in 2003, and the first African American became President in 2009.

What events happend in the year 1998 to 2006?

Of course,this is a vry common answer for this question,the Tsunami in 2006,and the 9/11 in 2000.

What important events happend in the year 2000?

January 1st was the being of a new millenium. that's a thousand years smart one

What important things happened in 2000?

In the year 2000, cartoonist Charles Schulz died, and a Phillips plant exploded. Other events are Israel leaving Lebanon, and Cats ended its run on Broadway.

What year did Tiger Woods win 8 PGA events?

In 1999 he won 8, 2000 he won 9 and 2006 he won 8.

What year did bush and gore run for president?

2000In year 2000

What important historical events happened in Philippines between year 2000-2006?

2004-big tsunami hit aisa and killed 200,000 2000-100th space shuttle mission lauched

What are the biggest events of the year in Chicago?

There are several major events in Chicago every year. This include such events as the Air and Water Show.

What are short term events?

Short term events are events that are scheduled to happen in the next year or less. On the contrary, long term events are events scheduled to happen in more than a year.