Kinds of routers

Updated: 10/20/2022
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What kind of router should I buy for Xbox 360 live using cable modem?

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Q: Kinds of routers
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Which routers give the best support for linux users?

Routers work fine with most linux distributions,but there are a lot of different kinds of linux.Cisco has the most experience with Linux right now,but you have to do your homework to be sure a router meets your needs.

What brands are best when it comes to wireless routers for laptops?

The best kinds of wireless routers for laptops is the Linksys Wireless-G WRT54GL Router. It got 4.5 our of five stars from user ratings and most said it was an easy set up.

What kinds of services does a network consultant provide?

network consultant provide configuration, installation and troubleshooting of routers and switches. Youc an find more information at - or

What is stack routers?

To stack routers means to physically stack routers. Some stack a couple of routers on top of each other if they plan to just use them as switches or similar.

Are wireless N-routers significantly better than wireless G-routers?

Wireless N routers have better range and much better transfer speeds than G routers.

What are some good wireless routers for game system?

apple routers

How many pins do Linksys routers have?

Linksys routers are pretty much the same as all the other routers. Linksys routers got 8 PINS. You can find the PIN if you turn the router upside down.

Sophisticated networks generally use which of the following hardware devices to ease the flow of data packets throughout the network?

Modern networks used two devices for the data packets within the network will flow easily. The two devices are the routers and switches.

What are some recommended books about Cisco routers?

Some recommended books about Cisco routers are: Cisco Router Configuration, Cisco Routers For The Desperate, Cisco Routers for IP Router, Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching.

What are the fastes routers?

Belkin produces some of the fastest routers currently available.

What is RIP in routers?

It's a protocol that routers use to figure out how to get to other devices on the network. Even if they have to go through other routers and different networks.

What is juniper routers?

Juniper Networks is a network equipment vendor. Routers are one such piece of network equipment. Therefor "Juniper routers" are likely routers made by Juniper Networks. Find more info on their site at: