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hello! well, i just had a baby in November and maybe i can help you. if through a sonogram, they say one thing and the doctor says another, it could be several factors for this. one could be that you miscalculated your last menstal cycle or (2) it could be due to the baby not being "big" what i mean by this is that it could be perfectly normal in all aspects, but think about this.... not all adults are the same some are tall some are small, some fat, some skinny, i could keep going on but i think you have the idea. or (3) the doctors always give you a two week window for your due date anyhow. and to answer the second part of your question, yes, you can tell the sex at 15 weeks. in depends on what type of sonogram you are having. if you have an internal sonogram, they will be able to tell assuming that the baby is in a position that will cooperate.... if they do not give you an internal it is a little bit harder to tell, but still possible.... they might not say anything though until approx. 22 weeks just to be on the safe side.well, GOOD LUCK AND HOPE FOR A HEALTHY MOM AND BABY!!!!

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Q: LMP is saying you are 20 weeks pregnant But sonogram today said you were only 15 Is it possible that your baby is just small Can you determine the sex of fetus at 15 weeks?
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