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The large anticlines form the fold mountain and the dome mountains. This is usually as a result of jointing, folding and faulting.

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Large anticlines form ridge-like mountains with a U or V-shaped profile. These mountains typically have an elongated shape due to the folding of rock layers, with the oldest rocks found in the center of the fold. Examples include the Appalachian Mountains in North America and the Zagros Mountains in the Middle East.

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Q: Large anticlines form what kind of mountains?
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Name five kind of landforms caused by plate movement?

synclines, anticlines, folded mountains, fault-block mountains, and plateaus

A valley of rolling hills is an example of what kind of fold?

A valley of rolling hills is an example of an asymmetrical anticline fold. This type of fold consists of layers of rock that are bent in an arch-like shape, with one limb dipping more gently than the other.

What kind of mountains form on the land side of a subduction zone?

volcanic mountains

What kind of volcanoes form mountains?

shield volcanoes

What kind of land form is the eastern shore?


The kind of plates that cause mountains to form?

Tectonic plates are responsible for the formation of mountains. When two tectonic plates collide, the force can cause the Earth's crust to uplift and fold, resulting in the formation of mountain ranges. This process is known as orogeny.

What kind of mountains form from vertical fault movement?

Fault-block mountains form from vertical fault movement. These mountains are created when blocks of the Earth's crust are pushed up and down along fault lines, resulting in steep, jagged peaks and valleys. An example of a fault-block mountain range is the Sierra Nevada in California.

Which kind of land form covers more of the US?

plains and mountains that's all in now

What kind of natural disaster are constructive?

Constructive natural disasters are events that have a positive impact on the environment or ecosystem. Examples include controlled wildfires that promote new growth, floods that replenish soil fertility, and volcanic eruptions that create new land formations. These events can help maintain ecological balance and support biodiversity.

What kind of stress forms fault block mountains?

Fold-block mountains form when tension makes the lithosphere break into many normal faults.

What kind of mountain is formed when tension causes large blocks of crust to drop down?

It's a fault-block mountains :)

The Alps Urals and Appalachians are examples of what kind of mountains?

The Alps, Urals, and Appalachians are examples of fold mountains, which form due to tectonic plate movement and the folding of rock layers over time.