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The largest cities in Puerto Rico are San Juan, Bayamon, Ponce, and Carolina. San Juan is the largest city in Puerto Rico with a population of 418,4100 people.

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In Puerto Rico are 78 cities

the principle's of Puerto Rico is San Juan and Ponce.

San Juan metro area, Ponce, Caguas and Mayaquez.

the 3 major cities of puerto Rico are San Juan ,ponce and mayaguaze

Puerto Rico does not have counties and is subdivided into 78 Municipal Districts.

Mayaguez is the 8th largest municipality in Puerto Rico.

If Puerto Rico became the 51st US State, Texas would still be the second largest and Puerto Rico would rank #49.

The only "landline" service provider in Puerto Rico, covering all cities and municipalities is PRT - now Claro Puerto Rico.

San Juan is both the Capital and the largest city.

Cuba, Hispanola, Jamaica and Puerto Rico.The four largest islands in the Caribbean sea are: Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica and Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is 5,335 square miles. It is roughly the size of the state of Connecticut, which has approximately 5,544 square miles, making Puerto Rico 209 square miles less. Puerto Rico has 78 cities, and a population of about 3.9 million people. Puerto Rico is considered the Metropolis of the Caribbean, as it has more developed cities than any other country in the Caribbean Sea.

the neta's are the largest, then grupo 27

San Juan and Carolina.

Cuba is the largest, followed by Haiti, Jamaica and Puerto Rico (in that order)

Almost all 78 cities of Puerto Rico have Banco Santander branches; banco means bank in Spanish, and you will surely find one almost in every city in Puerto Rico or around the Island of Puerto Rico. Major cities such as San Juan, Bayamón, Carolina, Santurce, Ponce, Rio Piedras, and Mayaguez, can have several branches in different boroughs or locations of these major cities in Puerto Rico.

Every Puerto Rican city has something for sale.

The only Rain Forest in the United States is in Puerto Rico and its name is El Yunque Rain Forest.

San Juan is Puerto Rico's largest city in size and population it is also the capital city of Puerto Rico.

San Juan, Ponce, Carolina.

78(including Culebra & Vieques)

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