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Yes, that is possible. You can still have a period while pregnant, thought it usually looks like spotting or gets lighter. You could have also conceived while on your period. I hope I helped!

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Q: Last menstrual period- april 6th . supposedly conceived april 20th . is it possible I could have conceived march 23rd which was 2 weeks before my lmp?
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Which is the most possible time of pregnant after or before few days of menstrual period?

The most possible time to get pregnant is between day 11 and 18 of your menstrual cycle.

Is it possible to get a yeast infection before your period?

Yes it is possible to get a yeast infection at anytime during the menstrual cycle.

Can pregnancy occur before the first menstrual period?

It's possible, though not likely. If the very first menstrual cycle is ovulatory, which isn't always the case, it may be possible to get pregnant a couple of weeks before menarche (the first period).

If your son was born April 28 is it possible he was conceived August 7 or a week before?

It is possible to have conceived on August 7th. It is unlikely to have been the week before. However, it is difficult to accurately say when a conception date is. Therefore, I suggest talking to your doctor, midwife or obstetrician about it.

Is there any possible that a women may get pregnant even if they have their first menstrual period?

Yes, you ovulate before you bleed and that is when you get pregnant.

Can you see the egg in your menstrual cycle?

No. The egg disintegrates before the menstrual period.

What did ladies use before menstrual cups?

Women would use tampons or menstrual pads. There are also options like menstrual release too.

Why do women cramp before and during menstrual cycle?

Because your menstrual cycle is the lining of your uterus shedding.

Was John the Baptist immacuately conceived?

No, he was conceived the usual human way. His father was just informed of this before the act by an angel of God.

How old was metuselah before he died?

969, supposedly.

Can you have menstrual symptoms but no bleeding?

Yes. Pre-menstrual symptoms. This is what you get before you have a period, often when you are ovulating (releasing an egg)

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