Last month my period was very heavy with bad cramping but only lasted two days. This month my period started right on time but is severely heavy with large clumps and cramping. Could I be pregnant?


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2011-09-13 11:12:13
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Pregnancy tests are cheap and accurate now, if you're worrying about this, get one.

Still, I really doubt that you're pregnant. It's possible that you were pregnant and are having a spontaneous abortion (miscarriage). These are very common in the first couple of months and nothing to worry about. Clumps and cramping can also be endometriosis, this is something to be concerned about because it can affect your health for the rest of your life.

When I was young they drugged me out on codeine and I was still sick for days. I did finally find an herb, chasteberry (also called vitex), that helped me but you have to try it for three or four months before you know if it will help. You should talk to a doctor about all of this too. Good Luck.

AnswerIf this is the first or maybe second month since you've suspected pregnancy, then its possible you are pregnant...mainly because you arent that far off into your pregnancy. Answerso you can have heavy periods cause I've heard some people say they had the period all through pregnancy and still had a healthy baby i don't think they would lie cause they have the prove ?


Answeryuh huh i kno sum1 hu woz preg and she didnt kno she woz until she woz 7 months gone! all bcoz she woz still having her normal cycle!

995 of the time, if you have a period you are not pregnant. and 2 heavy preiods, I would think pregnancy is extremely unlikely. Take a test if you are unsure. Uheavy periods are not good for your health, see a doctor.

well what it seems to me, looks like you are and i don't mean to scare you but you could be having a misscarrage.

check with your doctor.


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Possibly...but if you are pregnant, if could mean that you are trying to abort (read- miscarry). Please, contact your doctor immediately! Especially if bleeding gets heavier. The 'clumps' are clots.

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Possibly, but it could just be a heavy period. The clumps and cramps worry me though. You should call your doctor and talk to them. There are things that need to be done a lot of the time after a pregnancy. go to a doctor right away.

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