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One way to look at this is the leaders have the responsibility of making the right decisions, choosing the best practices, etc., while it is the managers responsibility to to carry out those decisions in the most efficient, an proficient manner.

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LEADERS WANTED You must be able to work in an uncomfortable environment, and be able to work with little or no support, be able to communicate with a group made up of people who may speak a different language. You may work with people who have strong "street savvy", you may work in a stressful environment wearing many hats and generally leading from the front alone. You need to be resourceful, flexible and have some ingenuity, you must also be able to sell ideas, persuade objectors, cajole resources and convince people who dislike your style of dress, distrust your motivation and may even be trying to con you. You must recognize the high stakes involved and how your choices affect the goal; this position requires good health, a never die attitude and the ability to blend into your environment by being efficient but not highly noticeable or threatening. Leadership is to many an intangible quality, that everyone wants but no one seems to be able to find, people search the world over, they travel hundreds of miles searching for some mystical answer. Leadership is not bought or sold, it cannot be touched or seen, you do not know if some one has it by looking at them, but you will know if they don't when working with them. It lives within us all, it is Alive and changes as you change. If you are lazy it is lazy, if you hone and polish it, you could lead an Army of People to Victory or a Single Person to Magnificence. Leadership is about discovering your own Self-Expression which is tailored to each individual and navigating through your Expression by taking what is useful and discarding what is useless and ultimately gaining experience in yourself.

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Q: Leadership is doing the right things Management is doing things right?
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Leadership is more or less important than management?

Leadership is not the most important. It is not also less important. It is like, "It is important but not to the extent that is it the most." In our daily lives, with different events and different context, a person's leadership should be flexible and the approach you should implement should differ. There's Authoritarian (Autocratic), where you decide what how the group should do things; Participative (Democratic), where you ask others their suggestions on what and how to do things; and Delegative (Laissez-Faire), where you let your team work things their own way with little or no guidance. In other times, leadership is not needed. Sometimes, it's Management that is necessary. If you already told your members what to do and how to do it, and they are not making it right or not making the way it is expected, Management is the appropriate approach. It [Management] is the guiding of people to do things the right way. This makes leadership not the most important and not the less important, too. They should go together to attain success with your goals. "Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things." - Peter F. Drucker

What meaning of effectiveness at management?

The ability to determine appropriate objectives. "Doing the right things"

What is situational management?

It's the right leadership style dependent on the organization.

Who said leadership is doing the right thing when no one is watching?


Explain why efficiency and effectiveness are important to management?

•Efficiency - getting the most output from the least amount of inputs-"doing things right"-concerned with means•Effectiveness - completing activities so that organizational goals are attained-"doing the right things"-concerned with ends

What has the author Robert D Sherer written?

Robert D. Sherer has written: 'Doing the Right Thing' 'Fear' -- subject(s): Leadership, Industrial management, Fear of failure, Fear of success

Ten points for how leadership expressed?

Can give you one. Leadership is leaning the ladder against the right wall, where management ensures the ladder is properly set up.

How does a Muslim confirm their eman?

eman increases and decreases increases by doing right things and stop doing bad things and decreases by doing bad things and stop doing good things

Leadership and management?

Leadership can be best defined by a contrast with management. Takala (1998) says, "Managers allocate resources for the benefit of an institution. In essence, all employees perform this action in one capacity or another. "Leadership on the other hand, focuses on the creation of a common vision. It means motivating people to contribute to the vision…It means persuading, not commanding" (Weathersby, 1999, p. 5)."There is a profound difference between management and leadership, and both are important. To manage means to bring about, to accomplish, to have charge of or responsibility for, to conduct. Leading is influencing, guiding in a direction, course, action, opinion. The distinction is crucial." (Warren Bennis)Corollary by Bob Sutton: "To do the right thing, a leader needs to understand what it takes to do things right, and to make sure they actually get done."

Why is 4-h so important?

4-h is important for children because it gives the right to learn leadership , investment , responsibility , and feel more capable

I'm doing good is this right?

I'm doing well is grammatically correct.I'm doing good is right but does not mean quite the same thing. It means I'm doing good things.

How can young people make an impact?

By doing the right things