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Q: Lionel Messi a t-il eu combien de fois carton rouge depuis quil a commance de jouer foot?
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How do you say how long have you had this?

depuis combien de temps avez-vous eu cette

How long have you being here?

Vous êtes là depuis combien de temps? - How long have you been here?

What do the French words 'depuis quand' mean in English?

The previous answer given was simply since when, which is correct but not complete.For an English speaker cannot simply insert depuis quandin the same places as an English sentence when trying to express an idea since in French. However, I would like to first draw your attention to the use of depuis, when not combined with quand.We use depuis with the present tense (présent) and an expression of time to indicate that an action began in the past and is still occurring presently.Je cuis le rôti depuis hier soir.(I have been cooking the roast since last night.)Elle fait d'exercise depuis trois mois.(She has been exercising for three months)Depuis with the present tense has two senses, or meanings:-It means since when you add a day/date-It means for when you add a length of timeWe use (depuis quand) in a few ways:We use it in correspondence to the above examples; depuis quand is used in interrogative statements (questions) to determine the precise date from which something has occurred.The expression combien de temps compliments depuis quand, as it requests a smaller amount of time, such as hours or minutes. It usually indicates a shorter temporal period, but the person asking the question should use a form which reflects their perception of how long something would normally take.Example:Depuis combien de temps cuis-tu le rôti? (For how long have you been cooking the roast?) Note: Roasts aren't usually cooked longer than a few hours so the question would reflect this temporally, using depuis combien de temps.Depuis quand fait-elle ses exercises?Depuis combien de temps fait-elle ses exercises?This example demonstrates the difference between the two, as it could have two senses. The first question would be appropriate for determining when she began her regime, or started her new habit of exercising. The second question would make sense in asking when she started exercising today, this afternoon, at what time she started exercising etc.We also use it with the imperfect tense (l'imparfait) to indicate an action that began in the past and continued until it was interupted by another event.For further investigation see: Depuis quand avec l'imparfait

How do you say how long have you been in America in french?

Depuis quand est-ce que vous êtes en Amérique? Depuis combien de temps est-ce que vous êtes en Amérique? It may seem weird because because we use a slightly different tense in English, but you do use the present tense to ask this question in French.

What does Nous sommes depuis mean?

Nous sommes .... depuis .... means "we are ... since ..." Ex: nous sommes boulangers depuis 1980 (we are bakers since 1980)

La gaspsie existe depuis quand?

Jaques Cartier est arivee en 1534. depuis 40000000000million danne depuis 40000000000million danne d'années

How tall is Lisa Depuis?

Lisa Depuis is 5' 7 1/2".

What does the French word 'depuis' mean in English?

Depuis means "since" in English. ex: et depuis quand es-tu arrivée ? - je suis là depuis midi. (and since when have you arrived? - I'm here since noon.)

What does 'habite depuis' mean?

The phrase 'habite depuis' means reside since. In the word-by-word translation, the verb 'habite' means '[I/he/she/it] dwells, inhabits, lives, resides'. The adverb/preposition 'depuis' means 'since'.

How do you say since in french?


What actors and actresses appeared in Depuis demain - 2010?

The cast of Depuis demain - 2010 includes: Vernon Dobtcheff as Basile Cyril Guei as Sam

What is 'Qu'est-ce qu on en a fait depuis' when translated from French to English?

Qu'est-ce qu'on en a fait depuis? in French means "What did we do with them since then?" in English.