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The first generation is the Vacuum Tube Generation.

The second generation is the Transistor Generation.

The third generation is the Mini-Computer Generation.

The fourth generation is the Micro-Computer Generation.

The fifth generation (which we are half-way into) is the Nano-Computer Generation.

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Is Apple Macintosh computer a first generation computer?

No.One typical definition of computer generations is:first - vacuum tubesecond - discrete transistorthird - integrated circuits, both hybrid & monolithicfourth - microprocessors, both single chip & multi chipfifth - multicore superscalar multithreaded microprocessorsThe Apple Macintosh has been built with the following single chip microprocessors:Motorola 680xx family - fourth generation computerMotorola/IBM PowerPC family - fourth/fifthgeneration computerIntel Multicore x86 family - fifth generation computerTo be a first generation computer the Apple Macintosh would have to have been built using vacuum tubes for its logic circuits. Obviously at no time has this been the case.

Describe why computers has become a basic necessity at homes?

Now days computer has basic necessity at home because each family member uses the computer for different purpose these inclusedes entetainment such and aduction

Are you happier than your parents generation?

Happiness means many different things to many different people. Today's generation is busier then generations past. They spend more time playing computer games, working multiple jobs, leaving little time for family time and enjoyment. The busier life becomes, the less happy people become. This generation needs to slow down.

Mention twenty benefit or a contribution of third generation of computer?

Thank u lord for ur his protection over and my family

What part of speech is the word generation?

The word generation is a noun. A generation is a particular family or race.

What is a family recipe?

it is a recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation

Use the word generation in a sentence?

Our family has many traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation

What is cross-generational family?

what is cross generation family

What are the names of the Griffin family to the second generation?

To the second generation? You mean from the very start of their lineage or from the Griffin family we know from Family Guy? Peter & Lois Griffin then Meg, Chris & Stewie Griffin and the next generation.

Describe Helen Keller's family?

describe helen keller family in 150 word

Characteristics that are passed on through generation are?

Characteristics that are passed on through family generation to generation are known as hereditary or inherited characteristics

How would you describe Shakespeare family?

There is not enough specific information to describe Shakespeare's family life.

If a mother has five children and they have children how many generations would that be in that family?

Three. The first generation is the mom's generation. The second generation is the mom's children's generation. The third generation is the five children's children's generation.

What is a diagram that shows the occurrence of a genetic trait in several generations of a family?

passed from generation to generation we often use a family tree or pedigree to illustrate the movement of the characteristic through each generation. A pedigree shows what sex of the family has a certain disease or recessive allele, passed down from one generation to the next.

Who Created Movies?

Maybe your family Generation

What was Benjamin Franklin's family job?

The Franklin family ran a newspaper printing business. Their business was handed generation to generation, starting with Franklin's father.

How many generation does a nuclear family have?

There are two (2) generations in a nuclear family.

What does the word heirloom mean?

an heirloom is an object passed down from generation to generation within your family

Why did mark dean invent the computer?

so that we can connect to our friends and family a different way and just for fun

How can you develop type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is hereditary that is, it is passed on from family generation to generation.

How common is the name Courtney?

The name Courtney occurs every 102 people out of 1000people. Also it is sometimes a family name passed down through generation and can mean different throw each family

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No it can not but it can be by a generation in family

Describe to you Jonas family in The Giver?

His family is a bunch of dicks.

How would you describe sacagaweas family?

Her family was Native American.

How would you describe yourself as worker and a family member?

I would describe my family as a very unique, outspoken and a carefree loving,

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