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These are countries whose constitutions make references to socialism, but do not subscribe to Marxist-Leninist ideology. As such, they represent a wide variety of different interpretations of the term socialism. Map showing countries whose constitutions contained some references to socialism (under a non-Marxist definition) at some point in their history. [edit] Current [edit] Constitutional references
  • Bangladesh - People's Republic of Bangladesh (since 16 December 1972) (Gônoprojatontri Bangladesh) (see Constitution of Bangladesh)
  • Egypt - Arab Republic of Egypt (Gumhūriyyet Maṣr el-ʿArabiyyah) (since 11 September 1971) (see Constitution of Egypt)
  • India - Republic of India (since 2 November 1976) (see Constitution of India)
  • Libya - Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (Al-Jamāhīriyyah al-ʿArabiyyah al-Lībiyyah aš-Šaʿbiyyah al-Ištirākiyyah al-ʿUẓmā) (since 1 September 1969)
  • Portugal - Portuguese Republic (República Portuguesa) (since 1976) (see Constitution of Portugal)
  • Sri Lanka Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (since 7 September 1978) (see Constitution of Sri Lanka)
  • Syria - Syrian Arab Republic (Al-Jumhūriyyah al-ʿArabiyyah as-Sūriyyah) (since 1973) (see Constitution of Syria)
  • Tanzania - United Republic of Tanzania (since 26 April 1964)
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What are the socialist countries in the world?

There are probably no countries in the world today which could truly be called "Socialist." To be so would require that the people owned, managed, and enjoyed the earnings of all the country's industry. A rather Utopian ideal which never has occurred in the real world, although the Communist bloc pr ( Full Answer )

What is a socialist country?

Answer . Socialism refers to a broad array of doctrines or political movements that envisage a socio-economic system in which property and the distribution of wealth are subject to control by the community for the purposes of increasing social and economic equality and cooperation. This control ( Full Answer )

Which countries are socialist?

It is difficult to answer this question because many countries that claim to be Socialist or have a Socialist or Communist Party in power do not enact Socialist ideological policies. Therefore, there are three very different answers. Note: These lists are not exhaustive. 1) Countries which openly ( Full Answer )

What are the democratic socialist countries in the world?

Before answering this question i would like to clarify the democratic and socialist. 'democratic' means in "Abraham Lincoln" words it is of the people, by the people and for the people. So, the countries which ever elects their leaders by adult suffrage they are all democratic. again when we talk ab ( Full Answer )

The Socialistic countries?

I am ready to move on to another form of government. This crap we have going here does nothing for the middle class. I don't see any Swedes trying to get to this country.

Is the US a example of a socialist country?

The United States is not an example of a socialist country. The economy of the USA can be said to be a mixed economy that favors private enterprise. It is a mixed economy because the Federal government and the Federal Reserve System it created does play a significant role in the economy. But not sig ( Full Answer )

List of socialist countries?

The grammar is awful in the answer provided. Also, I know there are more socialist or "socialistic" countries than Sweden. Surely some government professor or historian could provide a better answer.

What are some socialist countries?

Communist States The five countries that are usually referred to as Communist (atype of Socialism) are: . China . Cuba . Vietnam . Laos . North Korea There are disputes as to whether or not certain of these states areactually socialist in action or only name. For example: China is not Soci ( Full Answer )

Is Russia a capitalist or a socialist country?

Primarily Capitalist, though there is free education and most forms of basic medical care are provided by the state. However, tax rates are low, and most of the economy is private (i.e., capitalist).

Socialist countries in Asia?

China - Capitalist Economy - Communist / Socialist Laos - Capitalist Economy - Communist / Socialist Vietnam - Capitalist Economy - Communist / Socialist North Korea - Fascist - No Economy

Is Sweden a Socialist country?

No. Since about 1935 Sweden has had a capitalist economy governed by social democratic policies, including with high, redistributive income tax rates and general welfare benefits (even when under conservative governments). After 1935, a collective bargaining scheme was set up which gave both unions ( Full Answer )

What countries have a socialist government?

Please see the related question "What is socialism?" for some discussion about the meaning of "socialist", particularly in the difference between economic socialism and political socialism. Assuming that we are talking about political Socialism, and some form thereof, then we are looking for gov ( Full Answer )

Can you give you a list of socialist countries?

there are many of them if you are looking for ones that exist today then they are cuba, Vietnam, china, north Korea and lao Cuba, and china are not socialist, they are communist, few people know the difference. Germany, France, and venizula are socialist nations, even canda has been conside ( Full Answer )

How is Sweden a Socialist country?

It's actually a mistake for people to call Sweden a socialist country. People who call Sweden a socialist country are usually from the far right. A true socialist country would not have industries such as Ikea, Volvo, Ericson, and so on. However, Sweden is the most left wing country in Europe. htt ( Full Answer )

Is India a socialist country?

Indian is a socialist country. Socialism was established in Indiain the twentieth century because of the Indian independencemovement against the colonial British Raj.

What countries are communist or socialist?

There was a time when communism and socialism ruled much of theworld. However, in 2014 there are not quite as many countries thatare communist or socialist. The ones that remain are North Korea,China, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium, Cuba, and Norway among others.

Is France a republic or a socialist country?

Do you remember the good old USSR - Union of Soviet SOCIALIST REPUBLICS? The two are not mutually exclusive, one is a political structure, the other economic. France is a republic and is capitalist.

Is Spain a socialist country?

NO. Spain isn't as socialist as Cuba or Venezuela. We're in the centre. In good economic times we prefer the socialist party but in bad economic times we prefer the conservative Popular Party. The Popular party´s voters are conservatives and liberal ( 9,5 millions voters) and the socialist part ( Full Answer )

Is Finland a socialist country?

Because means of production are not state owned, Finland cannot be considered to be a socialist country. However, being a Nordic welfare country, Finland has socialist characters in the form a large public sector. Finland has a thriving private sector, including e.g. worlds biggest mobile phone m ( Full Answer )

What are some current socialist countries?

Socialism is not a government type, it is an economic system referring to social ownership of industries and production. China, Vietnam, N. Korea, and other Communist states are considered to have very socialistic economies in that they have public ownership of most industries. Socialism is to be ( Full Answer )

Is Mexico a Socialist country?

No. It's a federal constitutional republic. Though it may be argued that some of its active parties support aspects of what could be defined as socialism, it is not a socialist state.

Who are some socialistic countries?

Australia, Britain, The Netherlands, Cuba, Sweden etc. Socialistic countries can be seen as countries where the nation as a whole feels that it has a responsibility to look after at least the basic welfare of their citizens.

Is Switzerland a socialist country?

No, Switzerland is a federal democratie with a political landscape composed of a broad spectrum of parties. The main parties, by order of importance (german/french names): - Swiss People's Party (SVP) : far right - Swiss Social democratic Party (PS) : center-left - FdP.The Liberals (FDP) : right ( Full Answer )

What countries are not socialist?

It's much easier to name the countries that are socialist, as there are fewer. Communist, or Marxist-Leninist, states: China Cuba Laos Vietnam Countries whose constitutions make reference to socialism, but not Marxism: Bangladesh Guyana India North Korea Portugal Sri Lanka Tanzania

Is Costa Rica a socialist country?

Costa Rica is a democracy. The party currently in government is the National Liberation Party, which is socialist. Costa Rica's economy model is not socialist. It has a mixed economy, the remaining government two monopolies such as communications and insurance were opened to the free market wit ( Full Answer )

When did Sweden become a Socialist country?

Never was and isn't to this date. Allthough we have tax funded healthcare, dental and judicial system. The above statement is incorrect. Here in Sweden, we have "Socialism-lite"; or Social Democracy. In other words, we're a step shy of Communism. People can come and go as they please, but Big Brot ( Full Answer )

Why is taxation high in socialist countries?

Most often, since a socialist state controls and administers much more economic production than a non-socialist state, it requires more internal revenues to finance its operations. Additionally, high tax rates are conductive to income redistribution, which is considered an important element of socia ( Full Answer )

What type of government does a Socialist Country have?

Most countries that are declared as Socialist Countries such as Chile, Brazil, Sweden, and Finland are democracies. There are some socialist dictatorships such as Venezuela, Ecuador, and Peru.

List of countries and their current president and prime ministers?

Prime minister is the most powerful political position inAustralian politics unless he does not have control of the senate,n that case a situation can arise where the governor general (anappointee of the prime minister) can relieve him of hisresponsibility's.

Why does this country have socialists?

It depends entirey on which country "this country" is. However, most countries have socialists because socialism defendsthe rights of the workers and the underprivileged against largercorporations and more conservative ideologues. In this way, itgives a voice and a power to those who otherwise woul ( Full Answer )

Is Iran a socialist country?

No. Iran is a theocratic country but there's some socialist practices. That's because Islamic laws have socialist characters throughout history. Also Iran is anti-imperialist country and opposes globalisation.

Who makes the decisions in a socialist country?

It depends on what one sees as a socialist country. Australia is to some extent a socialist country in that it has a mixed economy where the government is involved in the infrastructure and the welfare of its citizens. This is paid for by its Citizen through taxes and various levies. Australians liv ( Full Answer )

Is China communist or socialist country?

There has never been a country that is communist as communism requires the absence of government which the dictatorship known as China certainly doesn't have. China was socialist like the USSR before the early 90s where there were collective farms etc. Deng Xiao Ping introduced reforms to the econom ( Full Answer )

What if a socialist country converted to capitalism?

This has happened to many countries, it isn't actually that hard but can be implemented horribly. when a switch like that is made the government must release some industries from stated control to private control and if done poorly or without any government regulation can lead to a good amount of pe ( Full Answer )

How many socialist countries are there in the world?

There are currently four socialist-communist countries: China Cuba Laos Vietnam There are also four socialist-republic countries: India North Korea Sri Lanka Tanzania The constitutions of Bangladesh, Guyana, and Portugal make references to socialist ideas, but are not socialist countries them ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by India is a socialist country?

Well its government was not under a socialist party, but the countries actions were considered socialist by their laws and implementation by improving social standards of the Poor and Middle classes.

Was Soviet Russian a socialist country?

No, it was a communist country, from my history textbook. Yes, it was. Soviet Russia was a socialist country because it had none of the aspects of communism that Karl Marx said communism would have. First, there was a government, and a very repressive one at that. Marxian communism would have no g ( Full Answer )

What kind of economic does a socialist country have?

A socialist country will usually have a command economy. Under the circumstance that the socialist nation leans more toward communism (yes, there are some differences) there will be absolutely no free enterprise. Nevertheless, some socialist nations will allow some free enterprise--as in the case of ( Full Answer )

Are all socialist countries communist?

No, socialism isn't the same as communism. They both want the same thing, a direct democracy, but communists plan on creating a dictatorship that they plan on ending when things are stable and creating a direct democracy. Socialism wants to create a direct democracy through democratic elections and ( Full Answer )

Is Germany is a socialist country?

Germany has a capitalist market economy like other industrial democracies such as France, Canada, the US, Japan, Australia, etc. However, like all of them except the US, Germany has a strong social-support network including universal health insurance and education. The current (2012) Chancellor, ( Full Answer )

How often do socialist countries fail?

It depends really, due to a few factors. General economical stability worldwide this can play a huge factor in the "fall" of them. Or if it's from an internal collapse was this due to civil war ect.

Western Europe socialist countries?

There are no complete socialist countries in Western Europe or any part of Europe, actually. Portugal is the only nation whose constitution contains some socialistic ideas, but it is not enough to be considered a socialist country.

Is Sweden socialistic country?

Maybe an American would categorize it that way, but not in the meaning of traditional socialism. The long ruling Social Democratic party is a centre-left party. When it lost power to the centre-right coalition 2006, labor taxes were lowered somewhat but focus remained on publicly provided welfare. ( Full Answer )

Is a socialist country automatically a communist country?

No. Communism and Socialism are very different political systems. While both are on the "left wing" of politics, there are very large differences between the two. To put it very quickly, a Socialist country may have public and private ownership of the nations resources or infrastructure, like railw ( Full Answer )