List of forward castes in Tamilnadu?

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Asari is in forward caste?
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Is Nayanar a Brahman caste in Tamilnadu?

No. there can't be. Nayanars are collectively called worshippers who pray and save for Lord Shiva. There were 63 nayanars as per the Tamil Literature and they worshipped and s

Which is the most powerful caste in TamilNadu?

Maravars are the most Prominent and Most Powerfull Caste inTamilNadu.(Mentioned in Thirukural(778), puranaanooru,silapathigaram, kalithogai etc about maravars)
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Which caste majority power in tamilnadu?

Here is the correct percentage: Vanniya kula kshatriyas - Padayachi,nayakkar , vanniyagounders etc(20%) mutharaiyar-muthuraja,ambalakarar,valaiyar,servai etc (19%) Schedule
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Which caste majority of the tamilnadu?

1)Thevar is majority of tamilnadu (including three subcaste .thereare kallar,maravar,agamudyar) 2)vanniyar second majority caste oftamilnadu(all sub caste ) 3)Then, kongu goun
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Which caste majority in the tamilnadu?

1)Thevars called majority in the tamilnadu(three subcastekallar,maravar,agamudyar) 2)vanniyar second majority in tamilnadu
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Which caste is the majority in tamilnadu?

1)Thevar caste is majority in tamilnadu(including subcaste kallar,maravar,agamudayar) 2) vanniyar caste is second majority intamilnadu )