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List of things that start with x?


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August 07, 2008 12:11PM

Xanthan- a polysaccharide Xanthate- a chemical compound Xanthene- same as above Xanthic- yellowish Xanthin- a yellow colouring matter Xanthine- a biochemical compound Xanthoma- a yellow patch on the skin Xebec- a sailing ship Xeme- a fork-tailed gull Xenia- gifts to a guest or guests Xenial- relating to hospitality Xenon- a noble gas Xeric- very dry Xeroma- abnormal dryness of a body part Xerox- to photocopy Xhosa- South African people or their language Xi- the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet Xiphoid- sword-shaped Xmas- Christmas Xoanon- a wooden image of a God Xography- a photographic process Xu- a monetary unit of Vietnam Xylan- a compound found in wood Xylary- of or relating to Xylem Xylem- a plant tissue Xylene- a liquid hydrocarbon Xylite- a volatile liquid Xylol= Xylene Xylose- a plant sugar Xyrid- a sedge-like herb Xyster- a surgical instrument Xyston- an ancient Greek spear Xystus- an ancient Greek portico I hope it satisfies your query!